Cruise Travel Insurance Mandatory

The Need for Cruise Ship Travel Insurance
Every week there is a new flurry of media articles outlining how badly the cruise industry treated passengers, with claims for missing ports, missed ships, denied passage, medical evacuations, injury incidents and those who went overboard during a cruise, as well as incidents which took place while in ports-of-call during the cruise or while enjoying a cruise ship excursion. The never steam of whiners has reached the point where if a passenger wakes up to skies with twenty percentage cloudiness, they want compensation because the sky didn’t look the same as the sky in the promotional images and videos.

The one-sided bad press and lawsuits that have plagued the cruise industry since the big cruising boom began in 2005 would come to trickle if the cruise industry had a policy of mandatory cruise insurance. The company I used for travel insurance in the past was Travel Guard. I was able to book the insurance online and print the documents and policy with my computer printer, then pay online, making for a quick, easy, painless transaction. The promotion for cruise travel insurance on the Travel Guard website indicates a few of the most common reason cruise insurance is strongly advised. The six reasons on the Travel Guard web site sum up much of the bad press the industry is saddled with, because travel insurance was not purchased.  Read more on Cruise Bruise

Video: Travel Agents Urge Travel Insurance