Congressional Hearing S1340 Hears Some Distortions

Cruise Bruise: Passengers don’t get a chance to read the ticket contract before booking. The testimony has demanded  and  all crew members on ships calling in U.S should speak English. She started off her testimony with a lie. All cruise line ticket contracts are online. She chose not read it before booking the cruise.

Quoted from Senator Jay Rockefeller:
“So we make it easier to report. I’ve also proposed simplifying ticket contracts and publishing more information about crimes and other problems on cruise ships. You know what I’m talking about when I talk about the ticket problem. You have to peel layers of paper away, and you’re just signing a ticket. But it’s underneath that somewhere that it says: Oh, by the way, you give up your liability. That is not nice. It’s a terrible thing to do to passengers.

These aren’t crazy ideas that I’m suggesting. They’re common sense protections that consumers already have if they travel, for example, in airplanes or if they travel by rail. But the cruise industry vehemently opposes my bill, even the bill’s simplest provisions like reporting crimes against minors or putting up a website at the Department of Transportation that consumers could consult while they’re making their vacation plans, so they can see what the problems might be and what the advantages might be, so they’re making an informed decision.

When an industry opposes even the most basic public disclosure about its conduct, it suggests to me, frankly, that it has something to hide.”

Testimony given by one “victim” (Amanda Butler) family member from Mississippi, stated the arrogant, racist sounding comment, that congress should change the law to require all crew members calling at U.S. ports should be required to speak English.

It would seem reading the cruise line ticket contract before booking a cruise should also be mandatory. When queried, she also admitted she had been on other many cruises before the cruise where her mother died, and pointed out she had not read the ticket contract as it was too small to read. Mr. Rockefeller also said during the committee meeting that passengers don’t have time to read the contract before they booked a cruise or the contract is sent in the mail with the ticket.

It is worth noting the International Cruise Victims supported and encouraged this legislation and some of their members were paraded before Congress to testify. Their “victim” members are entirely passengers not any crew members. Though, clearly many more crew are victimized by some rude, arrogant, racist passengers who think the crew are their slaves, rather than the other way around.

While reviewing a previous Cruise Bruise Investigates article, Cruise Industry Legislation Excessive, S.1340, we have found that once again a “victim” testified before Congress, while she was suing a cruise line. If it’s a potential strategy, keeping the name of the person suing the cruise line in the news, it keeps the pressure on the cruise line to settle the claim.

Congressional testimony has provided publicity which has been used time and time again by members of the International Cruise Victims (ICV), of which Amanda Butler is a board member. According to a vast collection of media reports, members of the ICV have personally collected settlements totaling as a group into the millions. Some of those huge settlements took place after family members testified before Congress and were interviewed by the media multiple times.

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