RCCL Sends Safety Video To Cruise Bruise

Color me impressed with the new safety video Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has published this week. I discovered the video via my in-box. The promotional video was offered for embedding on my websites by a Royal Caribbean representative.

Reading the email, I paused for a few moments to think about what I might see when I clicked the link, then, I clicked it. After viewing the video, it was clear to me this video needed to be seen by Cruise Bruise visitors. I am sure you will all be impressed as much as I am.

I haven’t been posting much since January 1, 2014. This New Year’s was extra special for me, as I resolved to change Cruise Bruise, removed the bulk of the old content, all third party content and launched our new logo and look.

Cruise Bruise and our network of websites have grown from 17 in number to 68, with several older websites deleted,  since January 1 and we are no longer just about passengers and crew members getting bruised during a cruise. The focus of Cruise Bruise is now all bruises, including those bruises the cruise industry has received and continues to receive.

The reporting on Cruise Bruise will be fair and unbiased and as always, I will call it like I see it. The difference will be, I have new rose-colored glasses which have produced a new, much clearer view. See more cruise ship safety videos

Video: Cruise Ship Safety