The Cruise From Hell – What Did You Expect?

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This has been one of those busy weeks, where a cluster of events took place aboard cruise ships, which was somewhat exciting for the media as a whole.

There was the gentleman with a mustache and a pony tail who walked off his cruise ship in Jamaica and didn’t return. He became an addition to an ever long list of those people who went missing from a cruise ship, but not on Cruise Bruise nor on our Cruise Ship Missing website.

Was he a mysterious missing passenger case, or just a man who decided to bug out from the United States and live a life much less stressful? If a body washes ashore with signs of foul play, then at that point he becomes news worth reporting. For now, He’s a guy who got fed up with the rat race and is enjoying a new era of his life.

I totally get it. In September, my partner and I sold almost all our worldly possessions and hit the road in an SUV headed south to Mexico, Belize and the wider Caribbean. We posted to Facebook our plans months in advance, so nobody would report us “missing”. From time to time, we update our Facebook with photographs and videos which got out of control in massive volume.

So, doing what computer nerds do, we organize our collection of memories and experiences, forming, dozens more websites. We updated and modified the existing websites (now numbering 70) and a new life with a new agenda took root and is blossoming.

As the news continued, we heard about the Marco Polo, which got slapped by high seas, killing one elderly man and injury others who were near a window when the wave broke the glass with wind and seas ruining their meal in the restaurant and giving them injuries, mostly minor in the larger scheme of things. It’s that event that brings me to the topic of this post. The Cruise From Hell – What Did You Expect?

The Marco Polo was built in 1965 by the Baltic Shipping Company. For the savvy cruiser, I really don’t need to say any more. It’s like hitting the road to Mexico in a 1965 VW bug, instead of 2013 SUV. The Polo is old, even in ‘ship years’ and like the ’65 bug, is likely to take those dips in the road, sharp turns, uphill climbs and speed bumps with deep grooves from those vehicles which came too fast and too low over them, to hope for a continued journey.

The really awesome, luxury cruise ships on the seas mostly sailing the west, are the newer ships. The aging ships with paint over rust, old mechanical parts that break and need replacement often enough they spend too much time at sea awaiting rescue and repairs get sold to the smaller nations who get really excited just to have this ‘new’ cruise ship at the docks.

Given these facts, it’s difficult to muster sympathy for those who ply turbulent seas in  ships which would have been better docked, floating casinos which never sail, then to willing board the nearly 50-year-old fossil, thinking a luxury, uneventful voyage was in their future.

Having realistic expectations of an impending journey is important. When I read that the windows had rust around them, with paint over rust and the windows leaked, clearly from the looks of the rust, I had to wonder why anyone would think they could take that ’65 bug on a journey of thousand miles and not have some unfortunate event take place in the course of 42 nights.

On a lighter note, the passengers had over 40 days of incredibly awesome views, great conversation with new friends and memories not only etched in their minds, but printed into photographs to share with friends and family back home.