MV Lyubov Orlova Drifting Ghost Ship or Sunk?

Lyubov Orlova sailed into St. John’s, Newfoundland in Canada, was inspected and prevented from sailing with passengers for a booked cruise due to too many issues not passing inspection. Meanwhile, the crew was aboard while the ship was held in port and they were not being paid.

The situation with the Lyubov Orlova went on for two years while the Live Cruise Ship Tracker documented her anchored and not moving in Newfoundland, which we blogged several times. The ship was ultimately sold to Neptune International Shipping.

While being towed out of Canada, the line broke, and the rat infested ghost ship drifted in the northern Atlantic Ocean.

On my Youtube channel, you can see the pink diamond icon on October 11, 2010,  showing her still docked in Canada after she had been seized,  in my main page Youtube Video, as I flip through the pages of the web site in the making of the Cruise Bruise promo video and the full page of the Live Cruise Ship Tracker is shown among the other category pages, which were on Cruise Bruise at the time, before each category was given it’s own web site.  Read more on Cruise Ship Sinking