Cruise Passengers Left Die in Nassau Bahamas

While browsing videos for Nassau, Bahamas today, one particular video caught my eye. The video was titled “Cabbage beach Nassau Bahamas unsafe. I needed to know more and the 15 minute video outlines a day in port for two cruise ship passengers who were “left to die”. So, naturally, it came under investigation by Cruise Bruise Investigates. This is what the investigation of the video turned up.

Debra and Richard Bontempt from Doyleston, Ohio took a Carnival Cruise Lines’  Carnival Elation Bahamas cruise from Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday, September 10, 2016. The cruise ship called at Nassau, Bahamas on September 12, then at Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas the next day.

The couple disembark the cruise ship in Nassau, dine, go to shop at the Straw Market to buy things for their four kids and want to put their feet in the sand. They change into their swimsuits.

A tropical disturbance had come off the coast of Africa, so there was the threat of poor weather and it had begun to rain. Tropical Storm Julia was forming that day in the Bahamas, but it was only a disturbance at that time. The next day, Tropical Storm Julia was named, while it was off the Florida coast.

The couple asked where there was a beach and are told about Cabbage Beach, a beautiful beach with postcard perfect, pink sands, near million dollar homes. They take a taxi to the beach.

They are pitched by locals repeatedly for excursions and goods they sell. She claims one of the men were more or less stalking them to pitch their goods.

Debra says the crime rate is not as reported, it is very dangerous there. She outlines the reasons she calls the port “unsafe” in her video.

She says they got talked into renting a jet ski for an hour to get away from the men “stalking them”. From there, things went wrong.

The jet ski broke down and they were stranded after the current pushes them out to the coral reef a mile or two from shore. She gets cut on her legs and feet in “shark infested waters”.

A second cruise ship from Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has departed the port, leaving just Carnival Elation. They begin to think they are going to miss the cruise ship departure. (you can track  Carnival Elation with our live cruise ship tracker)

The couple attempt to swim back to shore. With the tide coming in, the jet ski getting ripped apart on the reef, they are in danger of not getting back and she is endanger of drowning, as they fight the tide. They lose sight of each other, choking on the sea water washing over them. She is tired and having a hard time getting to shore. She says they were “left to die”. Ultimately, a fishing boat rescues them and takes them back to shore and the cruise ship.

She faults the town for not having more security in the port and on the beach which could have prevented them from being so desperate to get away from the men pitching their goods and services, they took a jet ski to get away from them. Bontempt tells her story in the video below, “to warn others”.  Listen to her story and you decide.

Video: Cabbage beach Nassau Bahamas unsafe

Carnival Magic Runs Over Jet Ski Nearly Misses Two Women

According to the Port Canaveral Pilot Association Blog, “quick action by a Port Canaveral harbor pilot and a Brevard County Marine Unit Deputy saved two boaters, Skylar Penpasuglia, 19 and Allison Garrett, 20, from Princeton, West Virginia, were operating a personal water craft in Port Canaveral on Saturday afternoon, March 11, 2017 from possible serious injury or worse. Skylar Penpasuglia and Allison Garrett when they fell off into the channel,  into the path of a cruise ship.

Capt. Doug Brown was the pilot navigating the cruise ship Carnival Magic out of the port when he noticed a personal water craft being operated within the navigation channel in the vicinity of the jetties.

Wikipedia: Princeton, West Virginia

Wikipedia: Princeton, West Virginia

Capt. Brown alerted Deputy Taner Primmer who was on duty in the harbor operating a Sheriff’s Marine Unit patrol boat in support of the cruise ship departures.  Deputy Primmer made his way towards the boaters and was on scene when a series of events led the boaters to be in harm’s way of the cruise ship’s progress in the channel.

One of the boaters fell off the water craft and when an attempt was made to re-board, the water craft flipped and both boaters ended up in the water in extremely close proximity to the bow of the ship now bearing down on their position.

Capt. Brown, working with the Captain and bridge team of the Carnival Magic, maneuvered the vessel away from the boaters while Deputy Primmer pulled both boaters aboard his patrol vessel and out of harm’s way.  Great job to Capt. Brown, the Captain and bridge team of the Carnival Magic, and Deputy Primmer for their outstanding actions that resulted in the rescue of these boaters.  This incident highlights the dedication to safety at Port Canaveral as a result of the close cooperation between the Canaveral Pilots Association and the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.”

Cruise ship passenger are heard saying Carnival Magic ran over the jet ski.

Video: Carnival Magic runs over jet ski

Rescue Me Balloon – Cruise Ship Missing

Kickstarter Rescue Me Balloon raised $36,000. Could save many #cruise ship missing.

Kickstarter project, Rescue Me Balloon raised $36,000. Could save many #cruise ship missing. Rescue Me Balloon Signal Device, an SOS device which could save many cruise passenger/crew lives, potentially.

Rescue Me Balloon is a compact, easy-to-carry emergency canister that places an SOS balloon 150 feet with a bright LED.

Rescue Me Balloon: “Hello everybody! Thank you for all reaching out and your interest in Rescue Me Balloon! Please be patient with us, we have continually been deep in research and development recently by teaming up with a well known aeronautical company and will be able to announce some exciting developments soon”

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Funding Unsuccessful – Project ended on

Cruise Ship Aground Gets Rescue

Cruise Ship Sinking:  MV Vacance #cruise ship runs aground on reef off the coast of Hongdo Island, South Korea with with 104 passengers and five crew aboard.

Hongdo Cruise Co MV Vacance cruise ship grounded, hit a submerged rock near Hongdo Island, South Jeolla Province in South Korea, approximately 210 miles southwest of Seoul, Korea with 104 passengers and five crew members aboard on Tuesday September 30, 2014 around 0900 hours.

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