Thames River Terrorist Police Terrorism Drill

The Met, the Port of London Authority, London Coastguard, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, London ambulance service and London fire brigade took part in the terrorism drill exercise to test their readiness for an actual terror event against a cruise ship.

Senior counter-terrorism officer, assistant commissioner Mark Rowley, said the security services have thwarted 13 potential terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom in less than four years.

Last year I posted an article, Terror Attack on Cruise Ship Terrorism Labeled Black Swan Event, which discusses what the cruise industry to doing to protect passengers and crew from terrorism and pirate attacks.

Preparing for terror event on a cruise ship or in cruise port is not a scare tactic, it is based on historical events. On March 18, 2015, two cruise ships, MSC Splendida and Costa Fascinosa were in port at Tunis, Tunisia on a cruise ship excursion to the Bardo National Museum, when a group of terrorists opened fire on the group who were exiting their tour buses, killing or wounding more than 50 cruise ship passengers.

In June 2015 a gunman killed 30 Britons on a beach in Tunisia.”. By the time Seifeddine Rezgui, 23,  was killed by Tunisian security forces he had murdered 38 people, and left another 39 wounded. Of those killed, 30 were British.

Preparing for a cruise ship terror attack is not just a scare tactic, it is a clear and present danger.

On October 8, 1985 – American Leon Klinghoffer, 69,  who was cruise ship passenger from New Jersey, was murdered during a terrorist attack aboard the cruise ship Achille Lauro.

On July 12, 1988, three gunmen had boarded City Of Poros along with other passengers at Aegina, Greece. They waiting on the ship until it was several miles from shore and then attacked around 8:30pm that evening, 11 people were killed.

Earlier this year, on January 6, 2017,  Esteban Santiago aka Aashiq Hammad, from Anchorage, Alaska, 26, exited his flight into terminal 2, entered a restroom and pulled out a handgun from his check luggage.

He exited the restroom and began shooting airline passengers in the Terminal 2 baggage claim area of the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Five Cruise Ship Passengers were murdered in the terrorist attack . We as passengers, crew and cruise lines must be prepared and vigilant.

Video: Armed police stage anti-terrorist drill on Thames cruise ship

USCG Says Cruise Ship Captain Fell Asleep Before Crash

On Thursday, August 28, 2016 around 0230 hours,  Entertainment Cruises’ Spirit of Baltimore was involved in a collision in at Henderson Wharf Marina Fells Point Maryland. The cruise ship had taken more than 400 passengers on a Saturday Spirit After Dark Moonlight Cruise along the Patapsco River.

There were 412 passengers and 35 employees aboard at the time of the collision. Two passenger were reportedly injured enough to be taken to a local hospital.

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) has completed their investigation and determined the cause of the accident was due to the captain falling asleep at the helm. Court documents say he had worked three days in a row “on his own boat”, long hours and he was known to get sleepy when working overnight.  He was suspended after the incident then terminated. 

A lawsuit was filed on December 29, 2016 requesting a jury trial,  with 30 passengers party to the complaint. One couple, Maurice and Tonya Franklin are demanding one million dollars in damages in Maryland United States District Court case. Other claimants are asking for $5,000, $30,000, $50,000 or $75,000.

It is interesting to note, the lawsuit complaint says that at the time of the incident, crew only received injury reports from six passengers, with two of those requesting medical treatment.  The lawsuit further says, the cruise ship was travelling at 3 knots per hour (3.445 mph)at the time of the accident.

After the USCG published the cause of the accident and the original litigants published the required court notice in the Baltimore Sun newspaper and the complainants flooded in to add their names to the cases.

Ellen L. Hollander United States District Judge has ruled the total value of the complaint for all injuries can total no more than the value of the cruise ship, which is $1,850,000, according to Exhibit A, attached to the complaint.

While there are numerous lawyers involved in the case, Sumayyah Abdul-Hamid, Latisha Charise Morris and Nakenya Laruth Thomas are all represented by the same attorney; Devon Hogue and George Vaughn share one attorney; Antonio Bolar, Latanya Y. Dawson, Gregory A. Jones and Patrice Rooks all share one attorney are all three are listed as both defendants and claimants.

Video: Spirit of Baltimore collision

Go To Hell

This is what Hell looks like

This is what Hell looks like

Thank God it is Friday, now go to  hell. Cruise passengers often ask us where they should go. Cruise Bruise advice is to go to hell, Hell, Grand Cayman of course.

The Caribbean is the number one cruise destination from the United States and Canada. No stop makes for a better memory or conversation topic, than the time you went to Hell.

Hell  is  a group of short, black, limestone formations located in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. The gift store in Hell will help you prove that you spent time your in Hell. It is a hell of a good idea.

Map to Hell

Map to Hell

Part of the lure of Hell  are the photograph opportunities. The Devil wanders the gift shop located at Hell Rd, West Bay, Cayman Islands, near George Town, not far from the Cayman Turtle Centre.

The gift shop in Hell website tells you all need to know about going to Hell. “No visit to the Cayman Islands is complete without a visit to Hell! The rocks are called “Ironshore”, and are found in many locations on Grand Cayman. The amazing and spectacular forms of ironshore found in Hell are unique in their size and location. ”

More specifically the rocks are, according to  Wikipedia, “Phytokarst is a distinctive landform resulting from a curious type of biologic erosion. Filamentous algae bore their way into limestone to produce black-coated, jagged pinnacles marked by delicate, lacy dissection that lacks any gravitational orientation. Ordinary rainfall-produced karst and littoral karst are characterized by flat-bottomed pans and vertically oriented flutes, thus differing from phytokarst. Algae attack by dissolving calcite preferentially to dolomite.”

Just do not try to get your rocks off in Hell, it is strictly prohibited to remove rocks from Hell, so others can rock on in Hell.  Instead, you might want to go to church to pray to God.  Get photographed and tell your friends and family you went to church in Hell.

Hell has a church, gas station, post office and a gift shop.  The gift shop, Hell’s Gifts & Souvenirs is located about 100 yards past the Hell Gas Station.

The gift shop in Hell sells postcards, collector spoons, shot glasses, tea towels, iron-on patches, ceramic mugs,  bumper stickers, souvenir license plates, posters, maps, black coral,  gold jewelry and treasure coins.

If you find yourself with the thirst fom hell, at Hell’s Gifts & Souvenirs  you will also find  Caribbean spiced coffees, soft drinks, juices, iced tea and bottled ice water.  Hot as hell is the Hell Sauce®, which is made with Scotch Bonnet hot peppers in a “sumptuous and tasty tomato base”.

The hottest spot in Hell is Club Inferno also known as West Bay Hell Bar & Lounge Club.  Oh,  hell yes! Hell has the hottest Happy Hours in Grand Cayman. on Tuesdays.

But, wait there is more. While in Hell, you can also get a degree at the University of Hell in just about any “science” or “discipline” you desire and if you don’t get one while you are there, they take orders on the web and will ship one to you.

How do you get to Hell? When it is hotter than hell this summer from June to August, you can cruise to hell aboard Carnival Dream, Carnival Paradise, Disney Fantasy, Liberty of the Seas or MSC Divina. You can track your cruise to Hell and back, with our Live Cruise Ship Tracker

Video: Go to Hell

SS Morro Castle Fire Monument

On the Asbury Park boardwalk located at 1300 Ocean Ave, Asbury Park, New Jersey, visitors will find the SS Morro Castle Monument. The monument is located less than an hour from Cape Liberty Cruise Port at Bayonne, New Jersey cruise ship terminal and the Manhattan Cruise Ship Terminal across the Hudson, River in New York.

Anthem of the Seas calls Cape Liberty her home port. Christened on April 20, 2015, the massive cruise ship has a capacity of 4,905 passengers. Those passengers leaving and returning from a Caribbean cruise, sail right past the monument for the SS Morro Castle fire as they pass Asbury Park, New Jersey.

The SS Morro Castle Fire on September 8, 1934 resulted in the deaths of 135 Passengers and Crew. The cruise ship, huge for her time, had 480 passengers and 240 crew aboard, when the cruise ship caught fire.

At around 2:50 a.m. on September 8, while the SS Morro Castle was sailing around eight nautical miles off Long Beach Island, New York, a fire was detected in a storage locker within the First Class Writing Room on B Deck, which quickly spread within minutes.

Captain Warms attempted to beach the ship, but the growing need to launch lifeboats and abandon ship forced him to give up this strategy. Within 20 minutes of the fire’s discovery (at approximately 3:10), the fire burned through the ship’s main electrical cables, plunging the ship into darkness. As all power was lost, the radio stopped working as well. The crew only got off one SOS call before the radio was silent. Read more on Cruise Ship Fires

Video: SS Morro Castle Fire

Cruise Ship Norwegian Joy Float Out Papenburg Germany

Launched by Norwegian Cruise Lines on  March 4, 2017, Norwegian Joy has 20 Decks, 3,900 passenger capacity with a crew of 1,700 and the cruise ship will fly the flag of the Bahamas, though it will be home ported in Shanghai and Tianjin (Beijing), China.”

Norwegian Cruise Lines says on their webite, “China Summer of 2017, Norwegian Joy will be the fleet’s most innovative ship to date. Styled exclusively for Chinese travelers, guests can expect an upscale resort style vacation with world-class entertainment, fine international dining, unrivaled duty-free luxury shopping with the freedom and flexibility found on all Norwegian Cruise Line ships.”

Norwegian Joy has a park, two-level racetrack,  a water park, Galaxy Pavilion which has simulator rides and interactive video walls and an upscale shopping district with everything from exceptional duty-free shops to world-renowned global luxury brands.

Video: Norwegian Joy float out

Cruise Ship Passengers Treated to Rocket Launch

The weather in Florida was perfect for a rocket launch yesterday to celebrate the end of a cruise for thousands of  lucky cruise ship passengers.

Cruise ship passengers disembarking four cruise ships at Cape Canaveral, Florida were treated to the sight of a rocket launch and a rocket landing.

The CRS-10 Falcon 9 rocket was launched from pad 39a at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, Sunday, February 19, 2017 at 9:39 a.m. EST, as passengers began disembarking.

The launch was across the channel from Cape Canaveral and could be seen by passengers and crew aboard Disney Wonder, Carnival Sunshine and Carnival Liberty as well as Oasis of the Seas.

10 minutes after launch, the first stage of the rocket – the part that gives it enough power to get off the ground – had flown back to land, touching down at SpaceX’s Landing Zone 1 pad at Cape Canaveral Air Force.

Space X expects to launch another reusable recovered rocket as early as October to test whether they work as well the second time around.

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Cruise Ship Cocaine Smuggling Ring Leader Arrested

Cruise Ship Cocaine Smuggling Ring Leader Arrested

Cruise Ship Cocaine Smuggling Ring Leader Arrested

Cruise Bruise: #Cruise ship Freedom of the seas Mother’s Day Jamaica cocaine smuggling ring, fifth woman arrested works at school district.

Rita Gray, 38, from Washington DC, a business manager with District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) who has been placed on administrative leave, has turned out to be the ring leader of the Freedom of the Seas cocaine smuggling ring last mother’s day. Gray admitted she bought plane and cruise tickets for the women, and gave them what she called “spending money.”

Read the full article for more details.

Muslim Cruise Passengers Missing in Port

Muslim Cruise Passengers Missing in Port

Muslim Cruise Passengers Missing in Port

Cruise Bruise: Three Muslim #cruise passenger are missing in port after election state of emergency is called.

A President who took office as a result of a coup, refuses to leave after being voted out, wrecking havoc on a cruise ship call. Three DolusSea Cruise Line’s Rahala cruise ship passengers and two cruise ship crew are missing after The Gambia state of emergency is issued on January 20, 2017. The group went into port at Banjul, The Gambia.

RCCL Sued After Truck Driver Hits Excursion Bus

RCCL Sued After Truck Driver Hits Excursion Bus

RCCL Sued After Truck Driver Hits Excursion Bus

Cruise Bruise: Royal Caribbean sued after excursion bus driver and #cruise ship passengers become victim of truck driver passing car in curve on Jamaican road.

Eight of the passengers have filed a lawsuit a year later, it’s interesting to note that the family of Crystal Glewwe, including husband Rick Glewwe who is a Minnesota Substance Church Pastor, is not a party to this or any other lawsuit related to this incident.

However, Rick Glewwe’s daughter Kayden Glewwe who was on the excursion bus as well, had serious injuries which resulted in surgery after the accident for a broken clavicle.

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Cruise Ship Grounding Ends Passengers Cruise

Windstar Cruises  Star Pride grounding near Panama damages hull of the cruise ship, ending cruise for passengers.

On December 22, 2015 Windstar Cruises reported on their Facebook page that Star Pride had grounded near Isla de Coiba, Panama and the cruise ship could not sail with approximately 200 passengers and a crew of approximately 160 aboard.

The Facebook posting said, “at approximately 6:15 am CST, Windstar Cruises, Star Pride, experienced a grounding while coming into anchor at Isla de Coiba, Panama. All guests and crew are safe. Guests were disembarked as scheduled for the day’s private island event. Windstar’s technical team inspected the ship and identified some areas of the hull that are damaged, making the ship unable to sail.

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Cruise Europa Galley Fire Monday

Minoan Lines Ferry Cruise Europa Fire December 21, 2015 Cruise Europa reported a galley fire aboard, with nearly 800 aboard.

On December 21, 2015, Cruise Europa, a ferry owned by Greek shipping company Minoan Lines had a fire aboard in the galley with an estimated 781 passengers aboard. The fire was no electric, instead cause by galley workers.

The cruise line stated the sprinkling fire fighting system stopped its extension and quickly extinguished it. The ship was inspected and permitted to continue at sea with no passenger or crew injuries reported.

Cruise Europa home ports is Palermo, Italy and the ferry runs a schedule consisting of Ancona – Igoumenitsa – Patras.

Cruise Ship Fire – Grand Princess Near Hawaii

Princess Cruises has cancelled the Grand Princess San Francisco to Hawaii cruise after an electrical fire stalled the cruise ship on Monday.

On Monday, November 30, 2015 Princess Cruises Grand Princess experienced a switchboard malfunction sparked a small fire hours around 0530 hours while the cruise ship was sailing toward Hawaii, about 100 miles northeast of Hilo when the fire broke out in its engine room with approximately 2,600 passengers and 1,000 crew members aboard.

Grand Princess had embarked from San Francisco, California on Wednesday, November 25 and was on the fifth day of the 15-day cruise to Hawaii and Mexico when the electrical fire broke out.

According the United State Coast Guard (USCG),The fire caused Grand Princess to lose propulsion and electricity.

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AU Bomb Scare Cruise Ship and Ferry Evacuated

Cruise Ship Fires: #Cruise Ship  Noordam and #ferry Spirit of Tasmania were both evacuated in Melbourne, #Australia after a police dog alerted for a #bomb while sniffing a pallet of groceries on the dock.

As Noordam and Spirit of Tasmania docked in Melbourne, Australia a bomb scare forced the evacuation.
Holland America Line Noordam and Spirit of Tasmania were both evacuated by Victoria Police on Friday, November 20, 2015, after bomb sniffing dogs alert and a suspicious package was found at Station Pier in Melbourne, Australia shorted after noon.

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Cruise Ship Fire Compagnie du Ponant L’ Boreal

Compagnie du Ponant  Cruise Ship L’ Boreal has reported a fire at sea and put out a distress call with 347 passengers and crew aboard.

November 18, 2015 around 0201 local time, L’ Boreal cruise ship which is owned and operated by the French cruise line company Compagnie du Ponant reported a fire in the engine room and put out a distress call. The cruise ship had 347 passengers and crew aboard and is located near Cape Dolphin, north of the Falkland Islands.

Falkland Island Government (FIG) have responded along with British Forces South Atlantic Islands Emergency Services, and HMS Clyde has changed course in order to aid the evacuation operation.

Ninety passengers were air lifted from life rafts, the rest of the passengers and crew were rescued by another ship.

Seabourn Spirit Cruise Ship Pirate Attack 10 Years Ago

Cruise Bruise Investigates:  Hero Michael Groves saves Seabourn Spirit cruise ship passengers in the most violent pirate attack on a  #cruise ship ten years ago today. Seabourn Spirit attacked with Ak47s and rocket-propelled grenades.

Seabourn Spirit was nearly boarded by pirates and no doubt a hostage situation would have played out just as it did with the Le Ponant, only with passengers involved if not for the bravery of Michael Groves. Michael Groves was working as a security officer aboard Seabourn Spirit.

For his heroic efforts, Groves received the Queen’s Gallantry Medal from the Queen herself at Buckingham Palace on May 16, 2007. Men are not labeled “heroes” and given medals for bravery by the Queen for ‘minor events’. That was the first clue lots of information was missing about this incident, information Queen Elizabeth II had at hand.

Mr Groves, a 42-year-old crew member who was a former UK policeman, dodged the pirate’s small arms fire and rocket-launched grenades, and used a fire hose to try to force the pirates away from the cruise ship. Two grenades were fired into the ship, but Mr Groves fought off the pirates and prevented them from boarding. When he was honored by the Queen for his bravery, Mr Groves said: “As soon as I went on the deck I came under automatic fire. A rocket grenade blew me off my feet.”

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Ghosts at Sea – Cruise Ship Deaths Morbid Reality Tour

Cruise Ship Deaths Fans: Which cruise ships have had the most horrific deaths at sea? The  Cruise Ship Deaths Morbid Reality Tour of haunting cruise experiences.

Ghosts at Sea – Choose A Haunting Cruise Experience

With the number of cruise ship deaths each year, the question is posed, could ghosts be haunting these cruise ships and their cruise ship cabins. From brutal, bloody murders, to passengers and crew found hanging by their necks in their cabin or on deck, speculation of haunting is something a select group of fearful people consider when deciding to book a cruise and choose their cabin. Others seek to sail aboard a cruise ship which may present a spooky aura to their cabin or common areas of the cruise ship. This select group of morbid reality fans seek to discover if a cruise ship is haunted by those who have passed away aboard.

What is a Haunting? – Wikipedia defines haunted places as, “A place where ghosts are reported is described as haunted, and often seen as being inhabited by spirits of deceased who may have been former residents or were familiar with the property. Supernatural activity inside homes is said to be mainly associated with violent or tragic events in the building’s past such as murder, accidental death, or suicide — sometimes in the recent or ancient past.”

If we apply this theory to Cruise Ship Deaths, we have actual events including deaths by drug and/or alcohol overdose, violent bloody murders aboard cruise ships, children murdered aboard cruise ships by their parent, those found hanging by neck aboard cruise ships, including those murdered aboard then tossed overboard and others who may be restless souls, walking the halls of the cruise ship at night.

Read more on Cruise Ship Deaths website

Passenger Ship Fire 544 Aboard

MV Wonderful Star passenger ship caught fire while docked early this morning with 544 people aboard, 2 of 59 crew members injured. The ship was located in Ormoc, located on Leyte Island in the Philippines.

Two crew members of the 59 crew members working aboard MV Wonderful Star were reportedly injured and taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Video footage captured by witnesses to the fire show several people jumping overboard into the sea as they tried to escape the fire.

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Stena Jutlandica Collision 530 Passengers Aboard

Stena Jutlantica collides with tanker entering Gothenburg, Sweden. Port and ship photos with live tracker.

Stena Line Ferry Stena Jutlandica Collision With Tanker Ternvind in Gothensburg Sweden

On Sunday July 19, 2015, Stena LIne’s ferry Stena Jutlandica which sails between sailing between Frederikshavn, Denmark and Gothenburg, Sweden was hit by the tanker Ternvind, as they were entering the harbor at Gothenburg, Sweden around 0230 in the morning.

Stena Jutlandica had about 530 passengers aboard when she collided with a Danish-flagged tanker Ternvind which had a crew of 13 aboard near Gothenburg. Reports state that no Tanker Ternvind crew were injured during the collision and no passengers from Stena Jutlandica were injured as well.

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Westerdam Eight Found Dead

Cruise Ship Deaths:  8 cruise ship passengers missing on Westerdam cruise ship excursion all found dead.

Update: June 26, 2016 00:10 am
The 8 cruise ship passengers and pilot aboad the Westerdam cruise ship excursion plane have been found at the wreckage site.

All nine are confirmed dead. This case can now be found on our Website. All updates will be posted there.

HAL Westerdam Excursion Plane Crashes

Cruise Bruise:  Alaska float plane excursion crashes with 8 cruise ship passengers aboard. USCG search underway.

8 Cruise Ship Passengers Aboard When Plane Crashed June 25, 2015

Eight cruise ship passengers who were sailing aboard Holland America a Line Westerdam were on a sea plane sightseeing cruise ship excursion near Ketchikan when the DeHavilland DHC-3 Otter, a small float plane, crashed with the eight cruise ship passengers and the pilot aboard on Thursday, June 25, 2015.

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High Speed Ferry Explosion

Wahana Gili Ocean 4 high speed #ferry explosion injures 25 passengers, 129 aboard.  Wahana Gili Ocean 4 suffered an engine explosion about 30 minutes out to sea from Senggigi on Lombok in the Indonesian islands.

There were 19 passengers injured, including 11 passengers who received burns and eight who suffered broken bones. This is a video of the high speed ferry  before the explosion.



Eastern Star cruise ship sinks during storm with over 450 aboard

Cruise Ship Sinking: Eastern Star #cruise ship sinks during storm with over 450 aboard. Rescue underway.

On Monday, June 1, 2015, around 9:38 pm, Chongqing Eastern Shipping Corporation’s Eastern Star sinks during a Cyclone on the Yangtze River in China, about 110 miles west of the Hubei provincial capital of Wuhan.

There were 456 people aboard, when the cruise ship was hit by reported 80 mph winds, listed an estimated 45 degrees, then flipped over.

The area had received about six inches of rain in the prior 24 hours with winds reaching 80 mph during the storm. Meteorologist from China said that a tornado flipped the cruise ship. The tornado, rated an EF-1 with wind speeds of 86-100 mph when it struck Eastern Star, was about a half-mile wide and lasted for about 15 to 20 minutes. The Eastern Star cruise ship known as MV Dong Fang Zhi Xing in China, 251 feet long and 36 feet wide, was carrying 405 passengers, 5 travel tour agents and a crew of 46 during a, 11-day, 930 mile cruise ship voyage from Nanjing to Chongqing, China.

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Norwegian Dawn Free After Grounding

Rising tide helped Norwegian Dawn free from grounding in Bermuda. Now awaiting inspection before return to Boston.

Norwegian Cruise Line, Norwegian Dawn Grounding In Bermuda With 2,675 Passengers and 1,062 Crew Members Aboard.

On May 19, 2015, Norwegian Cruise Line cruise ship Norwegian Dawn grounded while the cruise ship was in Bermuda when the cruise ship lost power and drifted into shallow water.

Norwegian Dawn had with 2,675 passengers and 1,062 crew members aboard when she left the Port Of Boston for the cruise to Bermuda, where the cruise ship grounded with 3,737 people aboard.

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Staten Island Ferry Busy Schedule

Staten Island Ferry schedule expected to run every 30 minutes starting this fall. Track on New York Cruise Ship Tracker.

Staten Island Ferry Schedules

All schedules are subject to change without notice. Please check or dial 311 for updates. For periods of reduced visibility or severe weather the schedule may be adjusted. Travel time is approximately 25 minutes. During rush hour trips the ferries are packed. This is not a good time to take a leisurely ride. The service is FREE! Cars, Motorcycles & Trucks are no longer allowed on the ferries.

 The ferry operates on a holiday schedule on New Year’s Day, Washington’s Birthday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. On these days, boats run every 30 minutes between 7:00 am and 11:00 pm.
Video: Staten Island Ferry


Two San Diego Cruise Ships Epidemics

Two San Diego Cruise Ships Report Sick Passengers

Two San Diego #cruise ship reporting epidemics. The CDC is investigating epidemics which included 228 sick with Norovirus type symptoms.

Cruise ship Norovirus-like symptoms having been affecting passengers sailing out of San Diego, California this past week. Celebrity Infinity and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Legend Of The seas both were affected with more than 3% of the cruise ship passengers sick with vomiting and diarrhea.

The epidemics were reported to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Both cruise ships were on 14-day cruises, which accounts for growing numbers of increasingly sick passengers while the cruise ship keeps passengers at home.

Due to the extra added cost of medical care aboard cruise ships, which is not covered within the cost of the booked cruise, many passengers tend to nurse themselves along until they are very ill, instead of seeking medical care aboard the cruise ship in the earlier stages of the virus. Since it takes a cabin quarantine to help limit the spread, and quarantine is only ordered when medical attention is sought, the virus spreads quickly, affecting many who continue to roam the cruise ship freely.

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