Suitcase With Body Inside Washes Ashore at Rimini Italy

Italian police are investigating if the remains of an Asian woman found in the Port of Rimini, Italy are those of missing cruise ship passenger Li Yinglei. Yinglei, 36,  has been missing since she disappeared from MSC Cruises’ MSC Magnifica on a 10-day Mediterranean cruise with her husband Daniel Belling, 46.

The last time Li Yinglei was seen alive was in Genoa on February 10, just one day into the cruise.

Daniel Belling’s Chinese wife Li Yinglei (Xing Lei Li) also known as Angie, was a cruise and wedding planner who started Cinderella’s Wedding in 2015. The couple lived in Dublin, Ireland with their two children.

Belling was arrested when he attempting to embark on a flight to Ireland after the cruise ship docked. State prosecutor Maria Tamburelli, claims the couple were having financial problems and Mr Belling killed his wife on board on February 10 after the couple and their kids had supper together at the Four Winds restaurant on board but did not turn up for breakfast the next morning.

MSC Magnifica embarked on February 9 at Civitavecchia, Italy with port calls at Malta, Greece and Cyprus.

Mediterranean Sea hydrodynamics where Li Yinglei is thought to have gone overboard, have a southeastern flow of circulation, making it most likely if the orange suitcase washes ashore, it would be on a beach anywhere in the Mediterranean Sea, including Italy, Greece, Malta, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Turkey or Bulgaria. It is highly unlikely the suitcase with Li Yinglei could wash ashore at Rimini, Italy.

According to local reports, the young “Asian woman” that was found in the blue suitcase,  was the body of an emaciated, naked Asian woman, wrapped up in plastic bags, believed to be aged 35 to 40-years-old. The color of the suitcase does not match the color of the suitcase which is missing along with Li Yinglei.

As well, the body  is described as being 1.7 metres tall, which investigators say is too tall to be missing Li Yinglei, who is described as being 1.5 metres tall.

Belling attorney Luigi Conti said he has heard the body that has been recovered does not match the description of Ms Li. “The body in the suitcase is 170cm in height, but Daniel Belling’s wife is smaller than that,” he said. “I am also told it is a different type of body than that of Mr Belling’s wife.”

There is a video on our case page, which shows a body of an Asian woman of Li Yinglei’s  size being hidden into a suitcase on  our missing cruise ship passenger alleged murder case page.


Billing Seeks to Leave Prison For Apartment During Cruise Missing Wife Investigation

New information related to the cruise ship missing passenger case of Li Yinglei, who disappeared form MSC Magnifica on February.  Daniel Belling’s attorney Luigi Conti has asked the court if his client could leave Rome’s Regina Coeli prison  and stay at an apartment in Rome while the investigation into his “missing” wife continues.

Belling’s contention that Li Yinglei is “missing” has lead to an INTERPOL investigation into her disappearance. The details of this case are so far-fetched, the case has been added to the Cruise Ship Deaths website.

However, witnesses and people connected to the case have added more odd facts to this troubling case. The case has been updated today. Read more on Cruise Ship Deaths.


Police Allege Woman Murdered Tossed Overboard

Li Yinglei, 36, embarked on a MSC Cruises’ MSC Magnifica 10-day Mediterranean cruise with her husband Daniel Belling, 46, and their two children ages six and four on February 9, 2017. When the cruise ship returned to Civitavecchia, Italy, Belling disembarked with his children, but Li Yinglei was nowhere to be seen.

Li Yinglei, who by some reports had adopted the English name Angie, was of Chinese nationality but was living in Ireland with her German husband and their children.

The last time she was seen alive was in Genoa on February 10, just one day into the cruise, when the family went into a Genoa, Italy tourist souvenir shop.

Read more on Cruise Ship Deaths

Cruise Port View Washington DC Leak

Cruise Port View Washington DC Leak

Cruise Port View Washington DC Leak

Washington DC page gets leak. Thousands of We The People White House petitions deleted from White House website, the good, bad and ugly.

Cruise Bruise Investigates the 11,000+ petitions missing from the Washington DC White House website. From day one, the administration took control of the White House website, deleted any sign of the prior administration, including all the We The People petitions.

As new petitions came flooding in, the new administration struggled to cope with the mounting work load with a very limited staff. Cruise Bruise received a tip that the hundreds, perhaps thousands of petitions were being deleted and we demanded proof. Proof is exactly what we got.  Our Washington DC Cruise Port Views website documents the case of the missing petitions.

Muslim Cruise Passengers Missing in Port

Muslim Cruise Passengers Missing in Port

Muslim Cruise Passengers Missing in Port

Cruise Bruise: Three Muslim #cruise passenger are missing in port after election state of emergency is called.

A President who took office as a result of a coup, refuses to leave after being voted out, wrecking havoc on a cruise ship call. Three DolusSea Cruise Line’s Rahala cruise ship passengers and two cruise ship crew are missing after The Gambia state of emergency is issued on January 20, 2017. The group went into port at Banjul, The Gambia.

Cruise Ship Missing Passenger Overboard Identified

Cruise Ship Missing Passenger Overboard Identified

Cruise Ship Missing Passenger Overboard Identified

#cruise ship passenger who went missing while the cruise ship was at sea, last night of two week cruise, made distraught comments online before he went missing aboard  P & O Cruises’ Ventura on  October 10, 2015.

More on Cruise Ship Missing website.

Cruise Bruise the Book Untold Stories

Ten years ago today, Cruise Bruise was launched and much has happened, much more than you read on the website. In celebration of the Cruise Bruise Ten Year Anniversary, the untold story is being written in a new book.

Ten years ago today, Cruise Bruise was launched with less than two dozen cases. At the time, I thought it was a lot. Then, the investigations began and cases started piling up on my desk. People began bringing my attention to other cases, current and past. Over the years, there was a never ending stream of people who called themselves “cruise victims”. I admit, with my own history of being a victim, it was easy to almost always take their story at face value. Then, do a basic investigation in order to substantiate their claim. Really deep investigations into cases didn’t come until years later and were certainly an eye-opener.

Associations were created with nothing more than trust. Over the years, that trust was betrayed, time and time again, with the truth about people, their motives and secret agendas rising to the surface. The truth is this. The media and online publications such as mine, are targets for greedy people who seek to use a story for financial gain. These people, who go to any length to get media attention, we call media whores. They sell their souls for a few moments, few days or few months of fame, mostly seeking their fortune at other’s expense. So, I began walking away from previous bonds, becoming reliant on my own ability to research facts, before deciding if a case would be featured on Cruise Bruise. This is a video promotion from our early days.

Read more on Cruise Bruise


Bernardo Elbaz Oasis of The Seas Overboard

Bernardo Elbaz identified as #cruise ship passenger #overboard in Caribbean. Bernardo Garcia Teixeira​ Elbaz is a missing cruise ship passenger aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines’ Oasis of the Seas on November 6, 2015.

Elbaz  intentionally jumped from the 7th deck to a lifeboat on the 6th, around 0345 hours on Friday, November 6, 2015.

The lifeboat was wet from prior rain. He slipped off the lifeboat after clinging to it for a short time, before dropping into the sea.

Husband has hired lawyer, intends to sue, lawyer was allegedly told, client #gay couple faced #hate comments by crew.

More details on Cruise Ship Deaths

Cruise Bruise Investigates – Black and Blue Report

Back by popular demand the Cruise Bruise Black and Blue Report, cruise industry investigations now include cruise lines bruised as well as crew and passengers. Lawsuits, deaths, suicides, drunks, dopers, brawls, arrests, fraud and more

Remains In Woods Missing Cruise Ship Passenger

Remains found in the woods by a hunter in Juneau, Alaska are missing cruise ship passenger who has been missing since disappearance from cruise ship docked.

Jean Shaw says she went to take a nap in their cabin while the Cunard Line’s MS Sagafjord was docked in Juneau, Alaska on July 20, 1992. Her husband, Walter B. Shaw, 72, left their cabin, telling her he was going to go for a walk on deck. That was the last time she saw him.

When the ship was ready to depart for Ketchikan around 1600 hours, Jean Shaw looked for her husband and couldn’t find him. The ship’s crew paged him, couldn’t find him, then the ship left the port without him.

Police searched downtown, and say two witnesses indicated that they saw Shaw. The witnesses say Shaw told them that he came into town to mail letters and missed the departure of his ship.

The witnesses say he asked for directions to Ketchikan, Alaska 235 miles to the south. This doesn’t make any sense, because there is no way to get to Ketchikan by land. The only way there is by air or sea. This is a fact that surely the well-educated Shaw knew.

Rescue Me Balloon – Cruise Ship Missing

Kickstarter Rescue Me Balloon raised $36,000. Could save many #cruise ship missing.

Kickstarter project, Rescue Me Balloon raised $36,000. Could save many #cruise ship missing. Rescue Me Balloon Signal Device, an SOS device which could save many cruise passenger/crew lives, potentially.

Rescue Me Balloon is a compact, easy-to-carry emergency canister that places an SOS balloon 150 feet with a bright LED.

Rescue Me Balloon: “Hello everybody! Thank you for all reaching out and your interest in Rescue Me Balloon! Please be patient with us, we have continually been deep in research and development recently by teaming up with a well known aeronautical company and will be able to announce some exciting developments soon”

Rescue Me Balloon: “We are working on some redesigns we’re excited to share with you soon!”

Funding Unsuccessful – Project ended on

Cruise Industry News Updates

#Cruise Ship Deaths – Darla Mellinger Banner Cruise Ship Missing – Dominic William O’Carroll  and Cruise Bruise:  Heather Mack Suitcase Murder Trial

Cliford B Minej Missing Cruise Ship Crew

Missing #cruise ship Holland America Line Ryndam crew member Cliford B Minej from from Thane, India has been found in Clearwater, Florida beach community.

His body floated to shore at about 7:15 am on Clearwater Beach, behind the Ultimar Condos in the 1500 block of Gulf Boulevard in Clearwater, Florida, about 22 miles across the bay from Tampa.  You can track Ryndam and other cruise ships using our Live Cruise Ship Tracker.

More details on Minej’s death is found on the  Cruise Ship Deaths website.

Denisa Markoska Missing Cruise Ship Crew

Cruise Ship Missing:  Denisa Markoska, 23, the latest missing #cruise ship crew member is missing from her cruise ship off the coast of Europe.

Denisa Markoska, 23, a cruise ship crew member from Skopje, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia, was aboard the Russian cruise ship MS Serenissima Cruises’ MS Serenissima on Friday, September 12, 2014, while the cruise ship was sailing on the route linking Karpathos, north-east of Crete, on the way from Rhodes to Agios Nicholaos near Mirabello Bay.

Read more on the Cruise Ship Deaths website.

Cruise Ship Passenger Safety Warning

Cruise Bruise: Reminder to be aware of the wind vacuum present which can cause potential injury on #cruise ship balcony, in ship cabins and when using cabin doors.


Please remember to drink responsibly. On March 17, 2015, George Uthuppu, 54, from Kingwood, Texas was on a birthday celebration cruise with his wife Mary, when he went overboard in the Gulf Of Mexico.

He was aboard Carnival Cruise Lines’ Carnival Triumph when he was seen by security camera sitting on the railing of his cabin balcony and falling overboard. It’s no mystery, sitting on the railing of a cruise ship often results in cruise ship overboard deaths.

According to the autopsy, George Uthuppu was under the influence of alcohol at the time. The cause of death was multiple trauma and a burst liver, caused by falling 30 meters into the water.

A’riel Brianna Marion, 21, from Tennessee was sailing aboard Allure of the Seas with her mother on September 16, 2012, when she went overboard. A three year FBI investigation concluded this year with a determination of suicide.

When Marion jumped overboard her falling body struck a passenger who was out on their balcony. That passenger reported bring hit by a falling object. A search of the sea began after it was determined it wasn’t an object overboard, it was a body.

While falling bodies have a hit areas of the ship on the way down, this is the first case in our history where a falling body struck another person on the cruise ship as it plummeted to sea.

The Cruise From Hell – What Did You Expect?

Cruise Ship Complaints

This has been one of those busy weeks, where a cluster of events took place aboard cruise ships, which was somewhat exciting for the media as a whole.

There was the gentleman with a mustache and a pony tail who walked off his cruise ship in Jamaica and didn’t return. He became an addition to an ever long list of those people who went missing from a cruise ship, but not on Cruise Bruise nor on our Cruise Ship Missing website.

Was he a mysterious missing passenger case, or just a man who decided to bug out from the United States and live a life much less stressful? If a body washes ashore with signs of foul play, then at that point he becomes news worth reporting. For now, He’s a guy who got fed up with the rat race and is enjoying a new era of his life.

I totally get it. In September, my partner and I sold almost all our worldly possessions and hit the road in an SUV headed south to Mexico, Belize and the wider Caribbean. We posted to Facebook our plans months in advance, so nobody would report us “missing”. From time to time, we update our Facebook with photographs and videos which got out of control in massive volume.

So, doing what computer nerds do, we organize our collection of memories and experiences, forming, dozens more websites. We updated and modified the existing websites (now numbering 70) and a new life with a new agenda took root and is blossoming.

As the news continued, we heard about the Marco Polo, which got slapped by high seas, killing one elderly man and injury others who were near a window when the wave broke the glass with wind and seas ruining their meal in the restaurant and giving them injuries, mostly minor in the larger scheme of things. It’s that event that brings me to the topic of this post. The Cruise From Hell – What Did You Expect?

The Marco Polo was built in 1965 by the Baltic Shipping Company. For the savvy cruiser, I really don’t need to say any more. It’s like hitting the road to Mexico in a 1965 VW bug, instead of 2013 SUV. The Polo is old, even in ‘ship years’ and like the ’65 bug, is likely to take those dips in the road, sharp turns, uphill climbs and speed bumps with deep grooves from those vehicles which came too fast and too low over them, to hope for a continued journey.

The really awesome, luxury cruise ships on the seas mostly sailing the west, are the newer ships. The aging ships with paint over rust, old mechanical parts that break and need replacement often enough they spend too much time at sea awaiting rescue and repairs get sold to the smaller nations who get really excited just to have this ‘new’ cruise ship at the docks.

Given these facts, it’s difficult to muster sympathy for those who ply turbulent seas in  ships which would have been better docked, floating casinos which never sail, then to willing board the nearly 50-year-old fossil, thinking a luxury, uneventful voyage was in their future.

Having realistic expectations of an impending journey is important. When I read that the windows had rust around them, with paint over rust and the windows leaked, clearly from the looks of the rust, I had to wonder why anyone would think they could take that ’65 bug on a journey of thousand miles and not have some unfortunate event take place in the course of 42 nights.

On a lighter note, the passengers had over 40 days of incredibly awesome views, great conversation with new friends and memories not only etched in their minds, but printed into photographs to share with friends and family back home.