Extreme Travel Selfie Deaths Injury Arrests

Cruise Bruise: 40 Selfie Photos #cruise ship or #travel selfies and daredevil selfies resulting in death, injury, arrests or great #vacation memories. Cruise ship passengers aboard cruise ships, on excursions and travelers in general need to be aware of their surroundings as they… Continue Reading

Two CCL Mini Golf Accident Lawsuits Filed This Month

Two CCL Mini Golf Accident Lawsuits Filed This Month Cruise Bruise: Two cases of #cruise passengers injured playing miniature golf aboard Carnival Cruise Line ships. WARNING GRAPHIC PHOTOS. On August 22, 2016, Dzung Tran from Oregon was sailing aboard Carnival Cruise Lines’… Continue Reading

RCCL Sued After Truck Driver Hits Excursion Bus

Cruise Bruise: Royal Caribbean sued after excursion bus driver and #cruise ship passengers become victim of truck driver passing car in curve on Jamaican road. Eight of the passengers have filed a lawsuit a year later, it’s interesting to note that the family… Continue Reading

Carnival Ecstasy Elevator Death Raining Blood

Cruise Ship Deaths: Jose Sandoval Opazo #travel  #cruise ship  crew member elevator tragic accident death Carnival Ecstasy passenger video shows raining blood. Chief electrician Jose Sandoval Opazo, 66, was doing routine maintenance atop an elevator stopped on the sixth floor of the… Continue Reading

2015 Top 40 Cruise Events At Sea and Port

Cruise Bruise Investigates:  List of the top 40 cruise industry events both at sea and in port. We include cases that made cruise industry history in 2015 for typical or atypical reasons. These 40 cases paint a picture of odd things happening on cruises. 1.… Continue Reading