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Cruise Ship Illness

Two San Diego Cruise Ships Epidemics

Two San Diego Cruise Ships Report Sick Passengers Two San Diego #cruise ship reporting epidemics. The CDC is investigating epidemics which included 228 sick with Norovirus type symptoms. Cruise ship Norovirus-like symptoms having been affecting passengers sailing […]

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Cruise Ship Deaths

Crew Member Passing No Mystery

January 26, 2015 0

Carnival Splendor crew member  Wayan Barsiana, 21, from Bali passing aboard #cruise ship no great mystery, as the internet community speculated. Wayan Barsiana, 21, from Bali was a crew member aboard Carnival Cruise Lines’ Carnival Splendor when […]

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Cruise Bruise Investigates

Cruise Travel Insurance Mandatory

July 28, 2014 Cruise Bruise Editor 0

The Need for Cruise Ship Travel Insurance Every week there is a new flurry of media articles outlining how badly the cruise industry treated passengers, with claims for missing ports, missed ships, denied passage, medical […]