Cruise Europa Galley Fire Monday

Minoan Lines Ferry Cruise Europa Fire December 21, 2015 Cruise Europa reported a galley fire aboard, with nearly 800 aboard.

On December 21, 2015, Cruise Europa, a ferry owned by Greek shipping company Minoan Lines had a fire aboard in the galley with an estimated 781 passengers aboard. The fire was no electric, instead cause by galley workers.

The cruise line stated the sprinkling fire fighting system stopped its extension and quickly extinguished it. The ship was inspected and permitted to continue at sea with no passenger or crew injuries reported.

Cruise Europa home ports is Palermo, Italy and the ferry runs a schedule consisting of Ancona – Igoumenitsa – Patras.

Passenger Ship Fire 544 Aboard

MV Wonderful Star passenger ship caught fire while docked early this morning with 544 people aboard, 2 of 59 crew members injured. The ship was located in Ormoc, located on Leyte Island in the Philippines.

Two crew members of the 59 crew members working aboard MV Wonderful Star were reportedly injured and taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Video footage captured by witnesses to the fire show several people jumping overboard into the sea as they tried to escape the fire.

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High Speed Ferry Explosion

Wahana Gili Ocean 4 high speed #ferry explosion injures 25 passengers, 129 aboard.  Wahana Gili Ocean 4 suffered an engine explosion about 30 minutes out to sea from Senggigi on Lombok in the Indonesian islands.

There were 19 passengers injured, including 11 passengers who received burns and eight who suffered broken bones. This is a video of the high speed ferry  before the explosion.



Washington State Ferry Reservations Memorial Weekend

WSF reservations for ferry travel from the state of Washington is highly advised for the Memorial Day weekend.

Where can I travel with a reservation?

San Juan Islands
From Anacortes (westbound)
• Lopez Island
• Shaw Island
• Orcas Island
• San Juan Island (Friday Harbor)

To Anacortes (eastbound*)
• Friday Harbor
• Orcas Island
*We are unable to take reservations for interisland travel, or travel from Lopez or Shaw islands to Anacortes.

Sidney, BC
To/From Anacortes or Friday Harbor
(operating spring, summer, and fall schedule only)

Port Townsend/Coupeville


Another Ferry Captain Hero

John Tracy Casco Bay Lines Ferry Captain, dives into icy Portland, Maine sea to save man who fell from a pier today.

A man who fell off a dock at the Maine State Pier in Portland on Wednesday was rescued by the captain of a Casco Bay Lines ferry, who dove off a dock into icy Portland Harbor to drag the man to safety.

John Tracy, who has worked for Casco Bay Lines for 29 years, said he and several other employees heard someone crying out for help around 2:45 p.m. near the Maine State Pier, which is next to the Casco Bay Lines ferry terminal.

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Ferries To Cuba Becoming Reality

Cruise Bruise: Four ferry companies have been licensed today for  #ferry #cruise service from Florida to Cuba.

Today, four ferry companies have been licensed for cruises to Cuba. Baja Ferries, Havana Ferry Partners,United Caribbean Lines and Airline Brokers Co.

Baja Ferries is ready to start regular trips to Cuba with two ferries already being used in the Caribbean. California Star and La Paz Star are both already offering sailings into the Caribbean to Mazatlán, Mexico and Topolobampo, Mexico, both of which are located in the Gulf Of California.

The California Star has only first class tickets. The ferry cruise ship has a restaurant with buffet, a cafeteria, a nightclub bar, convenience store with everyday items and a boutique with souvenirs, as well as cabins. California Star offers both standard and handicap access cabins.

In addition, pets in cages are allowed on the ferry, within compliance of the laws of Mexico.

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Passenger Overboard Washed Ashore Identified

Suicide – The  passenger who jumped overboard in May off the coast of Galveston, Texas, finally washed ashore on a local beach and has now been identified.

Patrick Plummer, 63, was a passenger aboard the The Texas Department of Transportation ferry John W. Johnson on Monday, May 4, 2015 at 0730 hours as the ferry made an early morning run from Galveston, Texas to Bolivar. Plummer, suddenly jumped overboard as the ferry was midway in the crossing at the Galveston Ship Channel.

The John W. Johnson turned around to search for Plummer and the United States Coast Guard searched with rescue boats and a helicopter as well. The Galveston Ship Channel was closed between buoys 14 and 18 while crews searched. The ferry resumed operations at 1100 hours.


Video: John W. Johnson Ferry

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Three Terrorist Attacks At Sea

Mediterranean terrorist attacks on #cruise ships,  Greece,  Egypt, one in Asia, killed 128.  The Mediterranean is an  easy terrorist target for cruise ships, as history shows.

WG&A Superferry 14 February 27, 2004

Deadliest Terrorist Attack At Sea, Terrorists Bomb Destroys Ship, 116 Dead. The passenger ship Superferry 14 owned by WG&A was destroyed by a terrorist’s bomb on February 7, 2004 near Manilla killing 116 people. It was the Philippines’ worst terrorist attack, the world’s deadliest terrorist attack at sea. Read More

City of Poros on July 12, 1988

On July 12, 1988, Merchant Marine Minister Evangelos Yiannopoulos said the Cycladic Cruises’ cruise ship, City of Poros, carrying 400 passengers and 71 crew members aboard, was stormed by Palestinian gunmen, who killed nine tourists. Two more later died from their injuries, for a total number of 11 dead.

The passenger ship was returning from a daily island cruise in the Aegean Sea. Three gunmen had boarded City Of Poros along with other passengers at Aegina, Greece. They waiting on the ship until it was several miles from shore and then attacked around 8:30 pm that evening. Read More

Achille Lauro on October 7, 1985

Leon Klinghoffer, 69, from New Jersey, born September 24, 1916, was on a cruise aboard Star Lauro’s Achille Lauro on October 7, 1985 with his wife Marilyn when the vessel was seized by terrorists at sea near Egypt. The terrorists took control of the cruise ship in the Mediterranean off Egypt as it was sailing from Alexandria to Port Said, Egypt.

Hijackers, four armed Palestinian terrorists boarded the vessel and took the ship passengers and crew as hostages. The operation was mastermind by Mohammed Abul Abbas.

The next day, Tuesday, October 8, when the terrorists were refused permission to dock at Tartus, the hijackers shot disabled cruise ship passenger Leon Klinghoffer, in the forehead and the chest. Leon was wheelchair bound, Read More

Video: Superferry 14 terror attack

Nova Star Cruises Crewmember Expired

Nova Star Cruise male crew member, 52, died aboard the Portland, Maine-Nova Scotia, Canada ROPAX cruise ferry ship.

Mark Amundsen, president and CEO of Nova Star Cruises, said in a written statement that he would not disclose any more details out of respect for the crewman’s family.

Nova Star Cruises spokesperson Dennis Bailey says the ship has a very experienced and well-trained crew who are certified and trained for any foreseeable incident.

“Nova Star is fully compliant with all requirements for aboard medical equipment and training. We have many first aide responders and the ship’s medical officers have are highly trained standard having  the expertise to enable them to diagnose medical problems and provide medical care to the sick and injured while they remain on board.”