Cruise Ship Shaped Mall Highlights Amazing Cruise Port Experience

The ultimate cruise junkie port of call will take you to Whampoa Garden. Whampoa Garden is the largest private housing estate located in Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong. It was built on the site of the former Whampoa Dockyards by Hutchison Whampoa Property and is the location of a huge cruise ship shaped shopping mall, Wonderful Worlds of Whampoa.

Wonderful Worlds of Whampoa shopping mall has over 1.4 million square feet of shopping space, including 300 shops. It is one of the largest shopping, dining and entertainment centers in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

There is also a promenade along sea side, from Laguna Verde to Hunghom Pier. It is also linked to the Avenue of Stars. Residents can walk from Hunghom Pier to Tsim Sha Tsui Pier in about 40 minutes. with an amazing view of Victoria Harbour.

With the streamlined cruise ship as the landmark, Wonderful Worlds of Whampoa comprises a unique combination of themed worlds, including Whampoa Gourmet Place, Fashion World, Treasure World, Home World, Amazing World and Pebbles World.

Kai Tak Cruise Terminal is huge and located 8.8 kilometers (5.5miles) from Whampoa Garden making it an easy trip during your day in port at Kowloon. Some cruise lines offer free ferry connections or free shuttle buses to tour the city. Because they are free, the wait to board the buses can take a long time, perhaps an hour or more, cutting down the time you have to explore.

Another option is the long line of taxis at Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, which you can quickly grab if there is no line of waiting passengers and be on your way. Taxi prices are flat rate and fixed by the government, so there is no haggling or price gouging.

While at the terminal, do make your way to the rooftop garden for an incredible view of the city and a great photograph opportunity.

You can get to Hong Kong by cruise ship via AIDAbella, Amsterdam, Celebrity Constellation, Celebrity Millennium, Costa Victoria, Diamond Princess, Golden Princess, MSC Lirica, MS Europa 2, Oceania Nautica, Ovation of the Seas, Queen Mary 2, Regent Seven Seas Voyager, Sapphire Princess, Seabourn Sojourn, Silver Shadow, Superstar Virgo or Volendam. Track these cruise ships calling at Kai Tak Cruise Terminal  in our Asia Cruise Ship Tracker

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Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri Signs $1.5 billion Carnival Corp Deal

Carnival Corp signed a ship building deal with Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri  for two cruise ships designed specifically for the tastes of the Chinese travelers and will sail in the China market.

The agreement to build the cruise ships, the first cruise ships to be built in China for the domestic market, comes five months after the companies signed a non-binding deal.

Carnival’s Chinese joint venture will operate the ships and the agreement also includes an option to build four more cruise ships.

The two new cruise ships are set to be delivered six years from now,  in 2023.

China is going to become the world’s second largest cruise market by 2030. The Chinese cruise market is expected to expand another 3.5 million cruise ship passengers by 2020 from the current one million cruise ship passengers now.

The companies signed the deal in a ceremony attended by Chinese President Xi Jinping and Italian President Sergio Mattarella in Beijing.

The signing ceremony was attended by Carnival Asia Chief Executive Michael Thamm, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Italian President Sergio Mattarella in Beijing.

Sun Princess Cruise Ship Passenger Overboard

Australia Sun Princess cruise ship passenger overboard

Australia Sun Princess cruise ship passenger overboard

Auckland entertainer Will Martin was aboard Princess Cruises’ Sun Princess, in a gig as a headliner entertainer on Friday, February 17, 2017 around 4:00 pm local time when he reported to his Facebook fans, that  a cruise ship passenger went overboard.

Sun Princess was sailing between Brisbane Australia in the Northwestern province of Queensland and New Caledonia, when the man overboard (MOB) alert went out over the ship’s public address system.

Two life rings were tossed overboard and the cruise ship stopped, turned around and deployed a rescue boat to look for the woman who was not named. Within a reported 15 minutes the ship had turned around to look for the passenger.

However, the woman never made it to either life rings. Around 4:30, the passenger had been located by the rescue boat and was being returned to the cruise ship.

Typically, passenger overboard incidents are categorized as suicides or suicidal behavior. It’s virtually impossible to accidentally fall from a cruise ship.  Suicidal behavior incidents typically fall into the “alcohol was involved” sub-category. Though, they are commonly acts by young thrill seekers, testing their abilities without considering the science of a cruise ship moving at an average speed of 20 knots (26 mph).

On Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2017, Kevin Wellons, a passenger from Michigan went overboard from Carnival Elation. Wellons was on a 5-day Bahamas cruise with his girlfriend when he went missing from the cruise ship.

Wellons was the second person overboard in 2017.  Jeon Pierre Knorr, 74, went overboard while and he and his wife were on a 7-night Caribbean cruise aboard MSC Cruises’s MSC Divina on January 2, 2017.

In 2016, our Cruise Ship Deaths website documented and confirmed 11 people who went overboard from cruise ships. In 2015, Cruise Ship Deaths confirmed 28 people went overboard.

It is very rare for a person who goes overboard to be found alive. August 2016, Ms Fan, 32, was on a Royal Caribbean cruise with her family when she alleged that she leaned over a railing too far and fell into the sea.

However, photos of the woman taken two days later, after a fishing boat came upon the woman and returned her to the cruise ship tell a different story. The short Asian woman could not have possibly accidentally fallen overboard by leaning over the railing too much; her center of gravity was too low for the 45 inch high railings.

These accounts, which are far too common, are usually created by persons who impulsively jumped overboard. Finding themselves in the sea and plucked from the ocean by rescuers, they fabricate an accidental fall over the railing. In one case, a woman claimed her boyfriend had tried to murder her.

On July  19, 2015, Flora Stuardo, 53, from Turin, Italy went overboard from the cabin balcony where she and her boyfriend Giovanni Piawere, were guests.  Costa Cruises’ Costa Fortuna was in Flam, Norway on a nine-day Northern Europe cruise when she was rescued from the ocean. She later recanted and said he did not push her.

Sarah Alexandra Kirby went overboard from  Carnival Destiny on October 21, 2012,  en route from Miami to Jamaica. After being in the ocean for an hour and a half, she was rescued by the cruise ship crew searching from within their rescue boat. Kirby admits alcohol was involved and she later filed a lawsuit against Carnival Cruise Lines for letting her get drunk.

September 3, 2009, a male passenger, 34, was aboard Carnival Sensation, when he crawled over his cruise ship cabin balcony after he argued with a woman. Witnesses who heard the argument, reported the man said he would jump and she told him to go ahead.

June 16, 2009, Larry Miller, 46, was aboard Carnival Inspiration, when he alleged that he was leaning overboard as the ship sailed into Tampa, Florida. He was found clinging to a buoy in the harbor.

Noojady Nithynanda Shetty, 49 and his wife Kasturi Nithyanda Shetty, 47, both from India,  were aboard Superstar Virgo on April 13, 2009, when he threatened to jump overboard during an argument. He jumped and she jumped in to rescue him. She was rescued, his body washed ashore two weeks later. His family alleges he was murdered for his money.

On March 5, 2007, Airforce Cadet Ernesto Guzman, 22, and Certified Lifeguard Clarice Partee, 20, fell overboard from Princess Cruises’ Grand Princess. Both were recovered. The couple were allegedly doing a “mutual activity” fueled by alcohol, when Partee fell overboard and Guzman jumped in to save her.

Luxury Freighter Cruise Travel Secrets

Luxury Freighter Cruise Travel Secrets

Luxury Freighter Cruise Travel Secrets

Cruise Bruise: VIDEOS #Cruise #travel by cargo freight ship, luxury abounds for unpretentious passengers who don’t love the Vegas style cruise ship glitz.

Aranui 5 all-inclusive cruises have availability for 254 passengers accommodated in 103 cabins on 8 guest decks. The ship has a swimming pool, 2 spacious lounges & 2 conference rooms, 4 bars, fitness room, shop, a massage room, two elevators, as well as a washer and dryer on board the vessel, but no dry cleaning is available.


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Russia 2017 Cruises to Crimea

Russia 2017 Cruises to Crimea

Russia 2017 Cruises to Crimea

Cruise Bruise: Russia makes deal for $75 a day #cruise ship sailings from Sochi, Russia to Russia, Crimea and Turkey ports with plagued cruise history.

The discussions came after Putin ordered the Ministry to organize 2017 Crimea regular air and maritime traffic between Sochi, Russia and the Ukraine Crimea region. RMOT held preliminary talks with Sovfracht Group to launch regular passenger service to the seaports in the Crimea.

The history of Russian cruise ship travel has been  marked by disaster and controversy.

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Cruise Bruise Investigates – Black and Blue Report

Back by popular demand the Cruise Bruise Black and Blue Report, cruise industry investigations now include cruise lines bruised as well as crew and passengers. Lawsuits, deaths, suicides, drunks, dopers, brawls, arrests, fraud and more

Cruise Ship Passenger Overboard

Keith White, 34, a welding technologist and certified lifeguard from London, Ontario, Canada, was sailing aboard Mariposa Cruises’ Northern Spirit on Lake Ontario Saturday, June 13, 2015 around 7:35 p.m, when according to friends he was leaning over the railing and fell overboard.

Northern Spirit was on a “a Knot Another Yacht Party event” and had 425 passengers, 19 staff members, and 10 security personnel aboard when the incident took place.

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September Perfect For Canadian Cruises

After the kids go back to school, some cruises have very few children aboard. September #cruises to the east coast or west coast of Canada from the United States are the perfect time of year for beautiful fall foliage adventures with perfect cruising weather and brilliant opportunities for photographs.

Most cruise lines offer excursions to Acadia National Park. This is a spectacular way to spend a day while docked at Bar Harbor, Maine on an Atlantic U.S to Canada sailing.

While in Bar Harbor you will also have access to some of the best restaurants serving their famous fresh caught Maine lobster.

Stewman’s Lobster Pound, The Travelin Lobster, Bar Harbor Lobster Company, Rose Eden Lobster or Bar Harbor Lobster Bakes are all good choices according to Google reviews.

There is big difference between east coast and west coast lobster. The west coast California spiny lobster is found in the eastern Pacific Ocean from Monterey Bay, California to the Gulf of Tehuantepec, Mexico. It typically grows to a length of 12 inches and is a reddish-brown color with stripes along the legs. It has a pair of enlarged antennae but no claws.

The American lobster is found on the Atlantic coast of North America, chiefly from Labrador to New Jersey. It is also known as Canadian lobster, true lobster, northern lobster, Canadian Reds or Maine lobster. It can reach a length of 25 inches and up to 44 pounds in weight.


Reykjavík City, Iceland – City of Literature

See Reykjavík City, Iceland designated as City of Literature – arts thriving in Iceland include film, design and fine arts #cruise with AIDA, Crystal, HAL, Princess or Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

Reykjavik Arts Festival

Reykjavik Arts Festival is a multidisciplinary festival with a special focus on new commissions and the creative intersection of the arts. For two weeks every other year it presents, to the widest possible audience, exhibitions and performances of contemporary and classical works in major cultural venues and unconventional spaces throughout the city.

Reykjavik Film Festival

We believe that films can change people’s lives for the better. Films are not only objects of aesthetics; they are a powerful weapon against ignorance and indifference. From the start RIFF has had a great variety of films.

Crystal Cruises: Arctic 32-Day Cruises Start at $20,000

Anchorage, Kodiak, Dutch Harbor and Nome

The 253-metre-long cruise ship Crystal Serenity cruise ship will begin a sold out, inaugural 32-day cruise through the Canadian Northwest Passage on August 16, 2016, with about 1,000 cruise ship passengers and more than 600 crew aboard.

Crystal Cruises has chartered its own icebreaker for the Northwest Passage cruise, which will follow the ship the entire time. On board, the company says there will be polar navigation specialists and ice-spotting radar and lights.

The Itinerary begins in Anchorage, Alaska and includes the Alaskan ports of Kodiak, Dutch Harbor and Nome.

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Miami No Longer The Busiest Cruise Ship Port

Cozumel View:  More #cruises #ship #passengers come to #Cozumel, #Mexico than #Miami, #Florida. Cruise Ship #excursions give boom to small, safe #Riviera #Maya #beaches.

Cozumel, Mexico has taken the top honor of becoming the busiest cruise ship port in North America, booting Miami, Florida from their prized claim to fame.

A study of cruise ship scheduled calls for Miami, Florida from December 1, 2013 through April 30, 2014 showed only 456 scheduled cruise ship calls for the busiest season of the year. Hurricane season officially ends on November 30 every year, ensuring safe seas for the busy holiday season sailings as well as for spring break.

In comparison, Cozumel, Mexico racked up a whopping 503 scheduled cruise ship calls from December 1, 2013 through April 30, 2014, passing Miami by nearly 50 cruise ships. With an average passenger load of 2,000 cruise ship passengers per ship, an average 100,000 passengers more will come through Cozumel instead of Miami.

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