Cruise Passengers Left Die in Nassau Bahamas

While browsing videos for Nassau, Bahamas today, one particular video caught my eye. The video was titled “Cabbage beach Nassau Bahamas unsafe. I needed to know more and the 15 minute video outlines a day in port for two cruise… Continue Reading

Cruise Ship Passenger Fight Security Inside Pool and Hot Tub

While adding videos to our Youtube playlists, we noticed an odd video surfaced on Youtube one month ago. It appears a group of passengers are arguing, appearing to be close to an out and out brawl. One passenger aboard an… Continue Reading

Cruise Laws – FL Board Certified Maritime Lawyers

Not all #cruise lawyers are certified by the Florida Bar to say they specialize in Maritime Law. Florida Maritime Lawyers Florida Bar Maritime Lawyers Florida Bar Board Certified Admiralty and Maritime Lawyers While all lawyers are allowed to advertise, only… Continue Reading

Bermuda Q2 Crime Down 10% Lowest In 15 Years

#Cruise Bruise:  Bermuda’s low tolerance for crime is producing results, with lower Q2, 2014 crimes. #Bermuda drug seizures totalled $1.2 million. Nice work! There were 750 crimes committed on the Island in the second three months of this year — a drop of… Continue Reading