Cruise Ship Explosion While Docked in Port

Cruise Ship Explosion While Docked in Port

Cruise Ship Explosion While Docked in Port

Cruise Ship Fires: Explosion aboard the Princess Cruises #cruise ship Emerald Princess damaged stern of the ship and kills one.

Around 5:00, on Thursday, February 9, 2017, Princess Cruises’ Emerald Princess cruise had an explosion, which damaged the stern of the cruise ship. One crew member was killed during the explosion.

The explosion which was heard miles away, brought fears of a terror attack at the port. Early report say a 45kg gas bottle reportedly exploded and flew through the air.


Cruise Broken Back Gets Emergency Medevac

Cruise Broken Back Gets Emergency Medevac

Cruise Broken Back Gets Emergency Medevac

Cruise Bruise: Woman, 20, with fractured spine gets medevac from Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines #cruise ship Legend of the Seas,

A medevac took place 80km southeast of Wellington, New Zealand aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s Legend of the Seas. A woman crew member, 20, from India suffered a lower back fracture and was airlifted on Wednesday, January 25, 3017.

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Carnival Ecstasy Elevator Death Raining Blood

Cruise Ship Deaths: Jose Sandoval Opazo #travel  #cruise ship  crew member elevator tragic accident death Carnival Ecstasy passenger video shows raining blood.

Chief electrician Jose Sandoval Opazo, 66, was doing routine maintenance atop an elevator stopped on the sixth floor of the Carnival Ecstasy on December 27, 2015 when the elevator he was standing on started moving up toward the ninth floor, according to a recently released report.

Opazo was killed when his body was compressed between the walls of the elevator shaft. Opazo had disabled the safety system before the accident, according to a Miami-Dade police report. Carnival Cruise Line investigator John Butchko said a jumper cable was found on the elevator override system, which is a common practice used by electricians to override safety systems on elevators.

Passenger Matt Davis and his wife Susan came upon a bloody elevator scene on Deck 10 of Carnival Cruise Line’ Carnival Ecstasy on Sunday December 27, 2015, dubbed the “nightmare after Christmas.” Read more on Cruise Ship Deaths

2015 Top 40 Cruise Events At Sea and Port

Cruise Bruise Investigates:  List of the top 40 cruise industry events both at sea and in port. We include cases that made cruise industry history in 2015 for typical or atypical reasons. These 40 cases paint a picture of odd things happening on cruises.

1. Bernardo Garcia Elbaz Filmed His Own Death Oasis of the Seas – November 6, 2015
His lawyer called it a protest, the story sounds more like a filmmaker publicity stunt gone wrong. With two cell phones filming the event from inside their cabin the stage for this even was set. A gay man sailing with his husband contends they were harassed by crew aboard the cruise ship for being gay and as a protest, the filmmaker jumped overboard. It’s not disputed he jumped over their balcony railing, but we think in his drunken state, he miscalculated the jump to land on a lifeboat, slipped on the wet boat and ending up hanging from it. His partner screamed for everyone to hear, “you murdered him, you murdered him”, at security officers who had arrived at their cabin. At that point, Elbaz was still clinging to the lifeboat with crew trying desperately to pull him back aboard the cruise ship.

2. Crew Member Killed Repairing Elevator
December 27, 2015, Crew member, Jose Sandoval Opazo, 66, an electrician working aboard Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Ecstasy was killed while repairing an elevator. A cruise passenger couple passing the the elevator observed a stream of blood raining down the outside to the elevator door and filmed the elevator with blood streaming down the door and pooling on the carpeting.

3. Darla Banner Cruise Ship Murder Suicide
Darla J Mellinger Banner cruise ship murder suicide aboard Holland America Line Ryndam on April 2, 2015 was as shocking as it could get this year. The newlywed murder of Darla Mellinger Banner by her husband, will go down in cruise ship history as the worst, verified cruise ship spousal murder of a newlywed in cruise industry history. After a failed attempt at murdering Darla by stabbing her in the chest two months after they were married, John Banner left Darla in a bloodied cruise ship cabin after killing her. He then killed himself exactly six months after their wedding day.

4. Baby Doe Verdict
After waiting for four years for a verdict in the murder of Baby Doe, an Indiana judge sentenced Alicia Keir to one day in prison for giving birth to a full term baby aboard aboard Carnival Dream. Keir who was unmarried, gave birth to a live, breathing baby, stuffed it under her cabin bed and continue to party on the ship as if nothing had happened. Her cabin mates had no idea a dead baby was in the cabin with them, until a cabin attendant servicing the stateroom found the dead baby. There was no public outrage even after it was learned Keir had gotten pregnant again, using the second child as a reason she should avoid prison time for the murder of child’s older sibling.

5. $21.5 Million Verdict
The jury award to James Hausman of $21.5 million for walking into a door aboard Holland America Line Amsterdam, hit the outer limits of outrageous lawsuits. Just like #3, Hausman continue to party after an event at sea, only this case was for a “traumatic brain injury”. This case will go down in history as the longest time a cruise ship passenger partied on a cruise ship after an injury where he sued the cruise line. Hausman was on a 270 day cruise which embarked on September 26, 2011 and he ran into the door 60 days later on November 26, 2011. For the next 210 days, Hausman continued to party, which was documented by the cruise line crew both aboard the cruise ship and in ports around the world. With a mountain of evidence challenging the severity of Hausman’s alleged head injury, the jury awarded an outrageous $21.5 million. An appeal is pending.

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The Cost of Suicides a Cruise Bruise Public Service Announcement

Recently, we began discussing  #cruise ship #suicides and the costs suicides have on those around them. Today, a video came to us, which sums up the cost of suicide on those left behind.

A video came across my desk this morning which sums up the cost of suicide, beyond the immediate emotional effect on witnesses, friends and family of the person who decides to suddenly end their life. It’s a reminder for everyone, everywhere, especially as the Christmas season is upon us.

This is an example of how People everywhere go through troubling, sometimes horrific situations in their life, things we can’t possibly imagine, don’t need to imagine. Consider your words to others and what may be going on it their life, before you criticize, humiliate, demoralize them with your comments and/or attitude.

We researched Page Yore prior to selecting the video for the article and found that she was a video blogger, knowing it might be exaggerated or disputed only made the video more enticing. We now know many of the statements she makes in the video are false. True or FALSE the story was well told and captivated viewers like us around the world.

Cruise Bruise Investigates – Black and Blue Report

Back by popular demand the Cruise Bruise Black and Blue Report, cruise industry investigations now include cruise lines bruised as well as crew and passengers. Lawsuits, deaths, suicides, drunks, dopers, brawls, arrests, fraud and more

Baby Doe Murder-Judge Gives 1 Day Sentence

Cruise Ship Deaths: NO JUSTICE FOR BABY DOE. Federal judge in Indiana gives  Alicia Keir one day in prison for #cruise ship murder of newborn infant while she was on a luxury cruise at sea.

This case started on October 8, 2011, when Alicia Keir, 20, of DeMotte, Indiana embarked on a Caribbean cruise. On October 10, 2011, Keir was cruising aboard Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Dream to the Caribbean with a friend celebrating a birthday, when she gave birth to a baby while inside her cruise ship cabin.

Keir discarded the baby girl in the cabin, wrapping it in a towel, then hiding it under a cruise ship cabin bed. She then left the cabin and went on enjoying her cruise.

A cabin housekeeping crew member entering Alicia Keir’s cabin aboard Carnival Dream, discovered the dead body of the recently born infant, which we call “Baby Doe”, on Wednesday, October 12, 2011. For two days Keir and her cabin mates used the cabin, slept in their beds with the baby stuffed under the cabin bed. This story takes an unusual turn when a second baby is discovered.

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Family Gets Cruise Ship Death Free Legal Aid

#Cruise ship crew member’s  body indicates foul play, free seamen legal aid gets $65,000 death settlement for family, with no legal fees.

Lemuel Lizada from Barangay Ungka, Jaro, Iloilo City, Philippines, had been a cruise ship crew member aboard Princess Cruises Star Princess for about a month when he died on June 14, 2014, shortly after speaking with family, who he called daily.

Lemuel Lizada got his job at Princess Cruises through Magsaysay Maritime Corp, who called the family on June 15, 2014, to tell them their son had died aboard the Star Princess. The cause of death was stated as “cardiopulmonary disease.”

July 28, 2014, Lemuel Lizada’s body arrived back in the Philippines and the family ordered an autopsy. The autopsy report stated that Lemuel had died from “traumatic injuries.” The family believes Lemuel Lizada was murdered. With no witnesses, the family was getting nowhere. They repeatedly requested a death certificate and were ignored.

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Cruise Ship Missing Passenger Case Not Overboard

The family of  cruise ship passenger reported overboard now thought to be held captive aboard the #cruise ship SuperStar Gemini.  Family says he didn’t have key card to enter room, couldn’t go overboard.

Numerous  reports are now saying the family believes Rajkumar Agarwal has been held captive aboard the cruise ship, after the “severe fight” he had with the cruise ship officer. They say Rajkumar didn’t have the key to the cabin and couldn’t possibly have accessed the cabin then jumped overboard.


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Another Cruise Ship Woman Overboard

Third person overboard in the same week from a #cruise ship, gets very little attention in the wake of Carol Ann Dumas, 65, Carnival Glory Passenger Suicide Overboard and Favio Onate Ordenes, 26, Queen Mary, 2, Crew Member Suicide Overboard.

Clarification – Cruise Ship Suicide Psychological Terrorism

We have been criticized for using the term “psychological terrorism” in reference to cruise ship suicides. Understanding the term meaning has been clarified.

Suicide on a cruise ship is defined by us as, “psychological terrorism”, a form of attack which may leave no physical marks or impact upon a person or group of people, but ultimately leaves psychological injuries or traumas that have a lasting impact. Some state laws have labeled the impact to those affected by an event as “negligent infliction of emotional distress” or “bystander emotional distress.”.

Psychological Terrorism – Wise Geek Health “Psychological terrorism is typically a form of terrorism that primarily targets people’s psychological well being and state of mind, with the intent of having a negative impact on those people. This can take a number of different forms, and may be fairly benign and easily ignored or more severe and adversely affect numerous other psychological issues or disorders. As a form of terrorism, it can be used directly and purposefully or it can be a side effect of other actions that do not seek to inflict terror upon people, but ultimately are able to do so.”

For a public suicide, which is an act centered on having ‘all eyes on me’, the emotional costs to bystanders can not be calculated. In the case of the Carnival Glory suicide on August 19, 2015, which took place while the cruise ship was leaving port, many passengers were on deck, some of them children. The witnessing of a death by a child may leave a lifelong emotional scar, as could also be felt by the many adults on deck during the suicide.

While everyone understands internal social suffering and being under emotion distress from events taking place in a person’s life, to deliberately inflict emotional distress on other adults and innocent children bystanders can not be seen with compassion. The act of suicide at sea is simply incomprehensible.

In the video below, this is not a deliberate suicide, it was suicidal behavior.   But, you can hear and feel what passengers and crew are going through as this man falls into the sea.  WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT.

Cruise Ship Murder Cold Case Unsolved

U.S. Marshall’s wife, oldest #cruise ship murder cold case in history unsolved for 75 years now. Jessie Harper Mozee, 53, a resident of Nome, Alaska, who was a former teacher, boarded the steamship SS Seeandbee for a Great Lakes cruise to family in Cleveland. She was robbed, murdered and dumped overboard. Then, when her body washed ashore, police having no idea who she was, buried her in an unmarked grave.

Mozee had a large amount of cash with her and expensive jewelry including three diamond rings. She also had a maid, a woman who was a crew member aboard the ship, who tended to her while she was aboard the ship. The maid disappeared immediately after the cruise ended and so did the cash and jewelry. Cleveland police say the diamond rings were not found in Mrs. Mozee’s cabin, nor on her body when her body was recovered on July 31, 1940 at Geneva-On-The-Lake. The cash she brought with her on the cruise was also missing.

Great Lakes Cleveland  Cruise Tour Video

Jessie Mozee’s body was found two days after she was last seen alive, she had two black eyes, as if she had been beaten. Coroner Charles Webster who examined Mozee’s body, said that he doubted the bruises around her eyes were post-mortem or from hitting the water.

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Breaking News: Freedom Of The Seas Fire

July 22, 2015 – Freedom Of The Seas cruise ship fire in Falmouth, Jamaica, photos, live #cruise ship tracker.

On July 22, 2015, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s Freedom Of The Seas had a fire aboard the cruise ship while the cruise ship was in Falmouth, Jamaica after departing from Port Canaveral, Florida. Early reports say one cruise ship crew member was burned during the fire which began aboard Freedom Of The Seas in a mechanical area of the cruise ship, but there are no reported injuries to passengers. Typically, these fires begin and are contained the engine room area of the cruise ship.

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Norwegian Sun Crew Member Body Found

#Cruise Ship Missing: Body washed up on Horse Island, Alaska through to be missing cruise ship crew member.

July 3, 2015, Jonas Fillipe de Miranda Santiago, 27, a crew member from Brazil who was working aboard Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Sun was reported overboard.

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) was notified Jonas Fillipe de Miranda Santiago jumped overbord without a life jacket around 0416 hours on Thursday morning while the Norwegian Sun was south of Douglas Island, near Juneau Alaska.

Fourth Cruise Ship Hanging

Young father found hanging by the neck in the family #cruise cabin by wife and son on Father’s Day cruise, yet another holiday voyage marred by grief.

John LaDuke, 45, was sailing aboard Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Freedom with family members on a Caribbean Father’s Day, week long, celebration cruise, The cruise embarked from Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades) Florida.

On Tuesday June 21, 2015, John LaDuke was found hanging in his cabin with a belt around his neck.

The cabin door dead bolt had been locked from the inside. Spouse and son contacted security to get the door open, when they returned to the cabin. CPR was performed on LaDuke, without results. The cruise ship hanging death was ruled a suicide.

This is the fifth cruise ship hanging since 2008.

Cruise Ship Hanging – June 21, 2015, John LaDuke, 45, Carnival Freedom Passenger
Cruise Ship Hanging – July 16, 2010, Sumith Gawas, 22, Arcadia Crew
Cruise Ship Hanging – January 10, 2010, Camila Peixoto Bandeira, 28, MSC Musica Crew
Cruise Ship Hanging – June 14, 2009, Gregory Gonzales Navarro, 27, Carnival Victory Crew
Cruise Ship Hanging – October 10, 2008, Przemyslaw Moranski, Carnival Inspiration Passenger

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Crew Member Passing No Mystery

Carnival Splendor crew member  Wayan Barsiana, 21, from Bali passing aboard #cruise ship no great mystery, as the internet community speculated.

Wayan Barsiana, 21, from Bali was a crew member aboard Carnival Cruise Lines’ Carnival Splendor when he died while the cruise ship was moored in Port Canaveral, Florida on December 23, 2013.

Wayan Barsiana was born in Banjar Intaran, Pejeng in Gianyar and attended High School in Tampaksiring.

Wayan Barsiana arrived at Carnival Splendor for his six month employment contract on on December 6, 2013 already ill with symptoms similar to a virus which included a cough. He was treated by Carnival Splendor physician numerous times during the next couple weeks. The cause of death stated on the autopsy report . . . Read more on Cruise Ship Deaths

Cliford B Minej Missing Cruise Ship Crew

Missing #cruise ship Holland America Line Ryndam crew member Cliford B Minej from from Thane, India has been found in Clearwater, Florida beach community.

His body floated to shore at about 7:15 am on Clearwater Beach, behind the Ultimar Condos in the 1500 block of Gulf Boulevard in Clearwater, Florida, about 22 miles across the bay from Tampa.  You can track Ryndam and other cruise ships using our Live Cruise Ship Tracker.

More details on Minej’s death is found on the  Cruise Ship Deaths website.

Nova Star Cruises Crewmember Expired

Nova Star Cruise male crew member, 52, died aboard the Portland, Maine-Nova Scotia, Canada ROPAX cruise ferry ship.

Mark Amundsen, president and CEO of Nova Star Cruises, said in a written statement that he would not disclose any more details out of respect for the crewman’s family.

Nova Star Cruises spokesperson Dennis Bailey says the ship has a very experienced and well-trained crew who are certified and trained for any foreseeable incident.

“Nova Star is fully compliant with all requirements for aboard medical equipment and training. We have many first aide responders and the ship’s medical officers have are highly trained standard having  the expertise to enable them to diagnose medical problems and provide medical care to the sick and injured while they remain on board.”

Cruise Ship Chef Murders Cooks Wife

Cruise Ship Deaths: Cruise ship chef  Marcus Peter Volke murders, cooks, fellow cruise ship chef, transgender, shemale escort wife Mayang Prasetto.

Mayang Prasetyo, 27, from Lampung, Indonesia, a transgender woman born as a man, worked on a cruise ship when she met her cruise ship chef boyfriend from Australia, Marcus Peter Volke, 28, soon to be husband, when they both were employed aboard a cruise ship sailing in Europe back in 2013.

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Denisa Markoska Missing Cruise Ship Crew

Cruise Ship Missing:  Denisa Markoska, 23, the latest missing #cruise ship crew member is missing from her cruise ship off the coast of Europe.

Denisa Markoska, 23, a cruise ship crew member from Skopje, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia, was aboard the Russian cruise ship MS Serenissima Cruises’ MS Serenissima on Friday, September 12, 2014, while the cruise ship was sailing on the route linking Karpathos, north-east of Crete, on the way from Rhodes to Agios Nicholaos near Mirabello Bay.

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