Cruise Ship Weather 2017 Atlantic Tropical Storm Arlene Named

2017 Atlantic Tropical Storm Arlene Named

The first tropical storm of the 2017 hurricane season has been name. Friday, April 21 Tropical Storm Arlene was named.  While the storm posed no threat to land, nor cruise ships, it has been a wake-up call that the hurricane season is arriving early in recent years.

The Atlantic hurricane season officially runs from June 1 through November 30.  We cover the storms in real time at CruiseShipWeather. com and provide this information for the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea,  Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean.

The tropical storm names for 2017  are Arlene, Bret, Cindy, Don, Emily, Franklin, Gert, Harvey, Irma, Jose, Katia, Lee, Maria, Nate, Ophelia, Philippe, Rina,Sean, Tammy, Vince and Whitney.

In 2016, Hurricane Alex which formed in the Northeastern Atlantic, developed on January 12, five months before the official start of the season. It was the earliest hurricane of the season since Hurricane Alice in 1955. When the storms are named, we cover them here on the Cruise Ship Wave Network blog. Follow our blog for storm updates and other relevant cruise industry news.

In 2016, we went live numerous times during Hurricane Matthew, after everyone else evacuated. We watched and filmed on our balcony as Hurricane Matthew came ashore in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, even after we lost power. Our live Hurricane Matthew videos, and the after math videos were posted to our public Facebook Group.  One video of note you will see, was early during Matthew, right after the power went out on October 8, 2016,  the automatic doors in our lobby began opening and closing like they were possessed, with a witch frantically flying on her broom.

We also have live real time coverage as it happens, which  can be found on our Cruise Ship Atlantic Ocean Live Hurricane Cyclone Forecast page. This page is automatically updated by NOAA, so you see it has it happens, before any news station reports it, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have many people around the world who have made home page, our Cruise Ship Weather page they prefer the most.

Cruise Ship Weather also has historical data on previous storms in the Atlantic, Caribbean and Pacific oceans. We have the historical Atlantic Ocean Storm Tracks, Caribbean Storm Tracks, Gulf of Mexico Fueled H5 Hurricanes 1900-2015 and much more historical trend graphics.

One of the features at Cruise Ship Weather is our The Cruise Ship Weather Network Cruise Ship Most Recent Earthquakes With Epicenter Map. This information is really helpful for knowing what might happen while you are in port, any cruise port, around the world. For example, a Magnitude   6.0 earthquake which took place today, Apr 23, 2017 4:48 AM, was located OFFSHORE VALPARAISO, CHILE . The notifications on this page are set up for major earthquakes, measured to be 6.0 or greater.

Atlantic Ocean Cruise Ship Geostationary Satellite

Atlantic Ocean Cruise Ship Weather


Pacific Ocean Cruise Ship Sea Wave Heights

Pacific Ocean Cruise Ship Weather



Real time tropical storm and hurricane alerts are also provided specifically for the Caribbean region, though it is covered in the Atlantic Ocean region.

Gulf Of Mexico Cruise Ship Weather Radar

Caribbean – Gulf Of Mexico Cruise Ship Weather



USA Cruise Ship Weather Live Radar

USA Cruise Ship Weather





We also give you the big picture at Cruise Ship Weather, with global information and graphics.

Global Cruise Ship Ocean Wind Speeds

Global Cruise Ship Weather






Princess Cruises fined $40M for Dumping Oily Waste into Sea

Christopher Keays, 27. from, Scotland, worked on a ship as a junior engineer with the Caribbean Princess. Now he is a millionaire. A federal judge in Miami awarded Keays $1 million Wednesday, April 19, 2017  for blowing the whistle on the Princess Cruise Lines’ illegal dumping of oily waste into the ocean.

The case resulted in  a verdict where a federal judge imposed a $40 million fine on Princess Cruise Lines for intentionally polluting the ocean and placed the Carnival Corporation subsidiary on probation for five years, the U.S. Department of Justice announced.

The DOJ said the fine represents the largest penalty for crimes involving deliberate vessel pollution in U.S. history.

The company previously agreed to plead guilty to seven felony charges for illegally dumping 4,227 gallons of oily waste 23 miles off the coast of Britain on Aug. 23, 2013, within the country’s Exclusive Economic Zone. The company also falsified official logs in order to hide the pollution. Officials said the pollution also occurred in U.S. waters.

“These violations of law were serious, longstanding and designed to conceal illegal discharges,” Acting Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey H. Wood said in a statement. “The sentence in this case should ensure that these crimes do not take place in the future and should also send a strong message to others that illegally polluting U.S. waters will not be tolerated.”

Video: Princess Cruises fined $40M for dumping oily waste into sea

Norwegian Escape Miami Cruise Ship Passenger Overboard Death

On April 19, 2017 around 0300 hours, a male cruise ship passenger jumped overboard from the Norwegian Cruise Lines’ Norwegian Escape. The cruise ship embarked from Miami, Florida at 1600 hours on Saturday April 15, 2017 for  a seven-night Caribbean cruise. Norwegian Escape spent two and half days at sea before being scheduled to arrive in Charlotte Amalie. The cruise ship stayed in port from 0800 hours until 1800 hours.

Norwegian Escape then sailed onto Tortola in the British Virgin Island to arrive at 0700 hours and spend eight hours in port. While sailing to Tortola, the male passenger who has not yet been named, allegedly jumped from the 14th deck.

Norwegian Escape called on the radio (see video below) they had a man overboard and Celebrity Cruises Summit and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Freedom of the Seas joined in the search to find the passenger.

Royal Virgin Islands Police Force say his body was recovered several hours later and taken to British Virgin Islands (BVI) for repatriation back to the United States.

When we know the name of the passenger, the case will be added to the Cruise Ship Deaths website. The last case added for a cruise ship passenger on our Cruise Ship Deaths website, was also from Norwegian Escape.

Norwegian Escape is sailing onto Nassau, Bahamas, where she will arrive and dock from noon to 1900 hours on Friday and is due to return to Miami on Saturday April 22. Norwegian Cruise Line Schedules.

Norwegian Escape Live Cruise Ship Tracker

Video: Man Overboard NCL Escape April 19th 2017 (live during the incident)

Let the Music Play Carnival Miracle Music Video

“Let the Music Play”

I filmed the video in the Gulf of California, Mexico at 6:30 AM Leaving Cabo San Lucas on the Carnival Cruise ship “Miracle” Top of the ship Level 12. I got up early to catch the sunrise. It was a beautiful morning with the sunrise, the Blue sky, the clouds and the wind in my hair.

The video turned out great. I am getting better at my 360/Tiny world videos plus they are a blast to make. I love the music and arrangement in the song. It is a fun EDM song to sing and super easy to play on piano.

Here are some of the Lyrics.
Verse 1:
Here we go lets take a ride we go so far away,
You will find your self in the spotlight
everyone’s trying to sail away
Everyone’s got their own way
Live in the moment and find your place in this world

Turn up the music and lose your self
Feel it now, It feels so right
So, Baby, let’s stay it turns me on, let the music play
I like the sound
Let me hear you sing it
Doo Doo too doo do dun dum
— at Gulf of Mexico.

Video: Let The Music Play (Ron Martyn Music Video)

Cruise Ship Port Schedule Calendars By Country

Earlier this month, we rolled out the 2017/2018 Cruise Line Schedules.  This past weekend, we began rolling out our  news Cruise Port Schedule feature, Combined Cruise Port Schedules by Country.  This is an internet first, only we offer this feature, which went into effective April 16, 2017.

At a glance, all cruise ships calling in ports for a certain physical country, political country or collection of cruise ports are placed into a single cruise calendar.

This process allows our visitors to see on a single page, a collection of cruise ships calling on a single calendar. An example of this would be the Panama Canal. While technically,  the Panama Canal is not a country, instead a physical location, the calendar collects itineraries for ships transiting the Panama Canal.

Some countries get so few cruise ship calls at this time, putting all the calls on a single calendar, makes better sense than forcing the visitor to drill through port after port to  see which cruise ships are calling at each port.  

In the example of South Korea, seen to the right, the cruise ports of Jeju Island, Incheon, and Busan are all seen on one schedule. This may be especially relevant in the coming months with tensions building in South Korea.

Other websites providing this information would have the visitor click to navigate eight to ten pages on their website to view these same ports once they enter the main page of their website.

This is because of website revenue models. There are four primary types of website revenue, subscription, CPA ads,  CPM ads and CPC ads.

Subscription revenue demands you pay up front for access to the content. Many website owners do this because they don’t get enough visitors to enable them to earn a decent monthly income with the following advertising models, or their website doesn’t meet the guidelines for acceptance into the follow revenue models.

CPA, or cost per action, pays the webmaster when you sign up for something an advertiser offers on their website. Examples might be, signing up for third party travel insurance for a trip or cruise.

CPM revenue pays the webmaster for every thousand page views they get. This is the big reason spammy websites such as Hollywood scandal websites place the content for a single article over 20-30 pages. The website tricks you into lots of page views, in order to get to the ‘big news story’,  which is placed on the last page of an article.

CPC revenue is gained when the website owner is paid when the visitor clicks on an ad,  views content  then actively surfs the advertisers’ website for a specified period of time.

As true web geeks, we don’t publish website content just for revenue, we publish with a genuine interest in making the internet a better place to educate and enhance the lives of adults on a wide range of topics.  Our income is secondary. This is why we try to get the visitor to the content they were seeking, as quickly possible.

Long ago established  internet protocol, requires the web business owner to get the visitor to the content they seek in three clicks from entry to the website, to the page they seek.  Our new and revised, Combined Cruise Port Schedules by Country, cruise calendars can get the visitor to the content they seek in two clicks, if the visitor arrives on Cruise Port Schedules website main page.

You may not know, back in 2005 (my first website was launched in 1999) the first cruise industry website we published was Cruise Bruise. Cruise Bruise became so large, it was getting nearly  impossible to navigate the website using the three click rule. Over the subsequent 12 years, we broke up Cruise Bruise into topic specific websites, with the three click rule in mind. The three click rule policy is something newby webmasters routinely violate.

Not only that, many of the website pages which were originally part of Cruise Bruise are not really about “Bruise” topics taking place at sea, so it didn’t make sense to publish them on Cruise Bruise. Such is the case,  for our Live Cruise Ship Tracker network (circa 2009), which is now comprised of 18 websites.

Note on the cruise port schedule screen shot above, each country has a “Combined” schedule, which includes all the ports in one particular country. The term “country” is not necessarily politically based on a single country. Instead it collects the schedules for a specified area. Such as the case of the Combined European Port Schedules.

You will note England, Ireland and Scotland are all part of the United Kingdom political territory, but listed as individual nations on the Combined European Port Schedule. This is more of a relevant European geographical grouping.

Please note, when you click on a specific port call detail in our cruise port schedules, the entry will open up to give you access to more information, such as the cruise ship tracker for that particular cruise ship, cruise ship camera webcams, cruise port views and cruise ship weather. These are very handy features during hurricane season.

As we work through the 2017/2018 upgrades, all those websites will also be rolling out new features.

The Country Cruise Ship Schedules are rolling out through the end of the month, based on passenger popularity. If you don’t see a “country” schedule on our website which is of interest to you ,  request it. Do check back during the next 30 days, to see 160+ Combined Cruise Port Schedules by Country and more ports added to our Cruise Port Schedule offerings.

USCG Cutter John McCormick Arrived Ketchikan Alaska

The new United States Coast Guard (USCG) cutter John McCormick arrived in Ketchikan, Alaska Friday morning after a 40-day journey from Florida.

Captain Shannan Greene says the new cutter will provide more response capability for the entire Southeast Alaska region.

“Even though they are homeported here in Ketchikan, they will be patrolling throughout Southeast Alaska, doing all Coast Guard missions,” she said. “(The cutter has) a lot more capability. The boat is 154 feet long. We’re going from 1,800 mission hours per year to 2,500, and from a crew of 16 to a crew of 23, so a lot more capability for us here in Southeast.”

The ship will be open to the public on Saturday April 15, 2017 at 10:00am.

Coast Guard cutter tours at US Coast Guard, 1300 Stedman St, Ketchikan, AK 99901, USA. The Coast Guard is offering tours aboard the newly commissioned cutter, John McCormick, from 10 am to 1 pm Saturday at Station Ketchikan.

Visitors should park and the lower base and walk down to the pier. The base will close to incoming visitors at 12:30 pm to make sure all have an opportunity to complete the tour. Be sure to bring a photo ID.

Video: USCG Cutter John McCormick

Video: Ketchikan Alaska Drone Footage

FREE Cruise Ship Schedules Live

Our FREE (NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED) cruise industry schedules/calendars have been updated for 51 cruise lines . Cruise Line Schedules are now live. Why does this matter to you? Other websites require you to pay for access, or sign-up, so they can spam you with offers and potentially sell their list to spammers.  Your privacy is #1 with us.

Still, other websites only show you the current month calendar, making it impossible for you use the calendar for cruise industry related work throughout the year, so you can look back on the history where a certain cruise ship was locate, where it had been months after a news event takes place.

As computer techs ourselves, we hate spam and will never ask you to give your personal information to us or anyone else. Best of all, our schedules are 100% mobile friendly. Use your desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone or flip phone to view a schedule, hassle-free. There is never a download to view our ship, line or port schedules.

The first 172 Cruise Ship Schedules of 400+ ships for 2017/2018 are  now live. Though, you can see any ship, by going to the Cruise Line Schedule, while we work on the other ship schedules. We are working on the rest of the list at this time. Cruise Port Schedules are compiling now. Schedules by Country are live later this week.

All schedules are mobile friendly and give you several options to view.  As a calendar by the week or month or as as a list.

Once in the calendar, you go can to the Cruise Ship Tracker for that ship, our Cruise Ship Webcams, port pages and Cruise Ship Weather which is all really important during hurricane season.

Of course, you always get FREE no registration required, easy one click access to our entire network of cruise industry websites from the links found at the top of every schedule page.  We are working to get the largest, free collection of cruise line, ship and port schedules found on the web with our news just a click away.  As we find errors, we will work to correct those issues.

AIDA Cruise Line

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Cruise Ship Sydney Australia Skinny Dip Event

The annual Sydney Skinny Swim was held on Sunday March 19, 2016 from 8:00 to 3:00.

The Sydney Skinny is an annual event,  held for the fifth year in 2017.  The event website says, “The swim is not a competition, nor is it timed. Swimmers set off in waves with a flash of exhilaration and the sheer enjoyment of a lovely swim.”

The annual event is held at Cobbler’s Beach in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 11 kilometer from the Overseas Cruise Terminal in Sydney.

The Sydney Skinny swim is a short 900 meter swim, around a diamond shaped course in the calm and sheltered waters of Middle Head – Sydney Harbour National Park.

An event you would only find in Australia, cruise passengers could attend the event then sail away on a South Pacific cruise. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s Explorer of the Seas was in port that day, departing on an 11 Night South Pacific Cruise  at 18:30 hours.  It was perfect timing to take the morning charity fundraiser dip, then embark on a luxury South Pacific Cruise.

Track Explore of the Seas – on our Live Cruise Ship Tracker

Where – Cobblers Beach, Middle Head, Sydney Harbour National Park, Australia.

Charity Event: This year our chosen charity Partners are again, the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife (FNPW) and our new Partner, Charlie Teo’s Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.

Age restrictions – All participants must be over 18 years of age to swim Skinny.

Start time – Event site opens at 8am and we’ll be finishing up at 3pm.

Swim time – Swimmers will select the wave they want to swim in, with waves starting at 8.45am.


Video: Swimmers bare it all for the annual Sydney Skinny Charity  Event

Crystal Cruises Live Webcam Views Updated

Crystal Cruises live webcam views has been updated. Crystal Cruises webcams live on Crystal Cruises Ships, Crystal Serenity, Crystal Symphony, Crystal Esprit and Crystal Mozart webcams. Includes updates on bridge view cams, port view cams, starboard view cams and computer lab cams. View all Crystal Cruises Webcams or by ship.

Crystal Serenity Webcams

Crystal Symphony Webcams

Crystal Esprit Webcams

Crystal Mozart Webcams

Your can track Crystal Cruises ships live on our cruise ship tracker.

Video: Crystal Serenity coming into Ketchikan – Time Lapse

Cruise Passengers Left Die in Nassau Bahamas

While browsing videos for Nassau, Bahamas today, one particular video caught my eye. The video was titled “Cabbage beach Nassau Bahamas unsafe. I needed to know more and the 15 minute video outlines a day in port for two cruise ship passengers who were “left to die”. So, naturally, it came under investigation by Cruise Bruise Investigates. This is what the investigation of the video turned up.

Debra and Richard Bontempt from Doyleston, Ohio took a Carnival Cruise Lines’  Carnival Elation Bahamas cruise from Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday, September 10, 2016. The cruise ship called at Nassau, Bahamas on September 12, then at Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas the next day.

The couple disembark the cruise ship in Nassau, dine, go to shop at the Straw Market to buy things for their four kids and want to put their feet in the sand. They change into their swimsuits.

A tropical disturbance had come off the coast of Africa, so there was the threat of poor weather and it had begun to rain. Tropical Storm Julia was forming that day in the Bahamas, but it was only a disturbance at that time. The next day, Tropical Storm Julia was named, while it was off the Florida coast.

The couple asked where there was a beach and are told about Cabbage Beach, a beautiful beach with postcard perfect, pink sands, near million dollar homes. They take a taxi to the beach.

They are pitched by locals repeatedly for excursions and goods they sell. She claims one of the men were more or less stalking them to pitch their goods.

Debra says the crime rate is not as reported, it is very dangerous there. She outlines the reasons she calls the port “unsafe” in her video.

She says they got talked into renting a jet ski for an hour to get away from the men “stalking them”. From there, things went wrong.

The jet ski broke down and they were stranded after the current pushes them out to the coral reef a mile or two from shore. She gets cut on her legs and feet in “shark infested waters”.

A second cruise ship from Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has departed the port, leaving just Carnival Elation. They begin to think they are going to miss the cruise ship departure. (you can track  Carnival Elation with our live cruise ship tracker)

The couple attempt to swim back to shore. With the tide coming in, the jet ski getting ripped apart on the reef, they are in danger of not getting back and she is endanger of drowning, as they fight the tide. They lose sight of each other, choking on the sea water washing over them. She is tired and having a hard time getting to shore. She says they were “left to die”. Ultimately, a fishing boat rescues them and takes them back to shore and the cruise ship.

She faults the town for not having more security in the port and on the beach which could have prevented them from being so desperate to get away from the men pitching their goods and services, they took a jet ski to get away from them. Bontempt tells her story in the video below, “to warn others”.  Listen to her story and you decide.

Video: Cabbage beach Nassau Bahamas unsafe

Arctic Cruise Ship Expedition Views Melting Away

2015 Arctic Sea Ice Maximum Annual Extent Is Lowest On Record

If you want to see the arctic by cruise ship, it may be melting before you eyes, current scientific models indicate. Capture the moment on your bucket list while there is still something to see.

The Arctic defined, “The Arctic consists of the Arctic Ocean, adjacent seas, and parts of Alaska (United States), Canada, Finland, Greenland (Denmark), Iceland, Norway, Russia, and Sweden. Land within the Arctic region has seasonally varying snow and ice cover, with predominantly treeless permafrost-containing tundra. Arctic seas contain seasonal sea ice in many places.”

Arctic Tundra in Summer

Arctic Tundra in Summer

According to a March 19, 2015 article published by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), 2015 Arctic Sea Ice Maximum Annual Extent Is Lowest On Record, “The sea ice cap of the Arctic appeared to reach its annual maximum winter extent on Feb. 25, according to data from the NASA-supported National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) at the University of Colorado, Boulder. At 5.61 million square miles (14.54 million square kilometers), this year’s maximum extent was the smallest on the satellite record and also one of the earliest.”

According to NSIDC,  “When weather outside gets unusually cold, people sometimes say that the weather is Arctic. Sometimes that is true, because the weather and climate in the Arctic can also have a strong effect on atmospheric conditions in the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, both for short-term weather and long-term climate. Weather and climate in the far north are very different than weather in the middle latitudes, where most people live, but it is not always bitterly cold.”

Cruise Lines with Arctic itineraries include Crystal Cruises, Silversea Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Polar Cruises, Fred Olsen Cruise Line and Quark Expeditions to name a few.  To discover if an Arctic cruise should be on your bucket list, browse our video playlist below.

You can track cruise ships in Alaska  or track cruise ships in Northern Europe

Video Playlist: Cruise Bruise Arctic Cruises



Lawsuit Anthem of the Seas Hurricane Hermine Injuries

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines’ Anthem of the Sea embarked from Bayonne, New Jersey on February 6, 2016 with 4,500 passengers and 1,600 crew aboard, for a seven-day cruise to Florida and the Caribbean.

At the time there were National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Hurricane Center warnings issued for Hurricane Hermine in the Atlantic ocean. We followed this hurricane live in real time, as we do all tropical storms and hurricanes on our Cruise Ship Weather website.

One passenger posted an incredible video on Youtube from his third deck cabin, showing it being plunged into repeated darkness as the waves rise, covering his cabin window. (see video at the bottom of this post) “Anthem Of The Seas Vs huge waves and 120 mph winds. Viewed from my room on the third floor.”

Cruise passenger Frank Deluca from New Jersey filed a lawsuit on February 25, 2017. The lawsuit seeks class action status and alleges in the  complaint, which we downloaded from the court website, the following:

  • “This Class Action lawsuit deals with Defendant RCCL’s knowing and intentional decision to sail the Anthem of the Seas, carrying more than 4,000 paying passengers, directly into the path of a Hurricane. More than 4,000 passengers were subjected to hours of sheer terror as the gigantic cruise ship was battered by hurricane force winds and more than 30 foot waves. This terror was amplified by the recent El Faro tragedy, wherein a cargo ship knowingly sailed into a hurricane and 33 crew members all perished. Just months after one of the worst maritime tragedies in recent history, Defendant RCCL’s knowing, intentional and reckless conduct subjects RCCL to the imposition of punitive damages.
  • Remarkably, the two prior sailings of the Anthem of the Seas were delayed by as much as a day, due to bad weather. Nonetheless, prior to setting sail on Saturday February 6, 2016, there were numerous forecasts which predicted the storm which the Anthem of the Seas encountered.At approximately 4 p.m. on Wednesday, February 3, 2016, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Ocean Prediction Center first headlined the possibility of storm forced winds for Sunday, February 7, along the eastern coast near Cape Hatteras, NC. The NOAA indicated that winds would increase from 35-50 knot during the day to 40-55 knots Sunday night. The NOAA also forecasted seas to increase from 12-20 feet during the day to 15-28 feet Sunday night.
  • At approximately 4:20 p.m. on Friday, February 5, 2016, the NOAA issued a storm warning for Sunday, February 7, with winds of 30-55 knots during the day, increasing to 40-55 knots Sunday night. The NOAA also forecasted seas at 11-18 feet during the day and seas at 18-25 feet during the night.
  • The subject vessel left for its voyage at approximately 4 p.m. on Saturday February 6, 2016.Concurrent with embarkation, at approximately 3:34 p.m. on Saturday, February 6, 2016, NOAA upgraded the storm warning to a Hurricane Force Wind Warning. The NOAA was forecasting winds of 65 knots and 30 foot seas for Sunday, February 7.
  • RCCL knew or should have known of these hurricane force wind warnings, but none the less, the Anthem of the Seas left the Cape Liberty Port in Bayonne, New Jersey, on February 6, 2016, intending to sail to the Bahamas, carrying more than 4,000 paying passengers.
  • As the vessel was leaving Port, Captain Claus Andersen informed the passengers that there was a weather system building along the east coast and he intended to outrun the growing storm.In other words, RCCL was knowingly sailing directly towards a quickly intensifying hurricane.
  • As predicted, by 3:40 p.m. on Sunday, February 7, 2016, the hurricane-force winds and rough seas were battering the vessel so severely that Captain ordered all passengers to be confined in their staterooms until further notice.
  • While confined to their staterooms for approximately twelve hours, passengers were holding onto their beds and/or whatever they could find in order to keep from falling due to the severe crashing of waves and listing of the vessel. Furniture was overturned and tossed through out the vessel; broken glass littered all levels of the vessel; a portion of the ceiling collapsed; elevators became inoperable; waves crashed through open and/or shattered balcony doors; and water rushed in through numerous other areas of the vessel.
  • Waves were crashing over the top of the lifeboats tethered along the side of the Anthem of the Seas as the ship listed heavily to either side. At times the vessel listed (tilted) as far as 45 degrees and the passengers were violently thrown across their cabins.
  • Passengers scrambled to search for life jackets or flotation devices but were unable to do so. There were numerous families with small children aboard the vessel and parents did their best to protect themselves and their young children who were crying uncontrollably and screaming in sheer terror. These are examples of the extensive damage done to the vessel in the storm:

On Monday, February 8, 2016, RCCL decided to turn the Anthem of the Seas around and head back to New Jersey.”

You can track Anthem of the seas on our Live Cruise Ship Tracker.

Video: Anthem of the Sea in Hurricane Hermine

Go To Hell

This is what Hell looks like

This is what Hell looks like

Thank God it is Friday, now go to  hell. Cruise passengers often ask us where they should go. Cruise Bruise advice is to go to hell, Hell, Grand Cayman of course.

The Caribbean is the number one cruise destination from the United States and Canada. No stop makes for a better memory or conversation topic, than the time you went to Hell.

Hell  is  a group of short, black, limestone formations located in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. The gift store in Hell will help you prove that you spent time your in Hell. It is a hell of a good idea.

Map to Hell

Map to Hell

Part of the lure of Hell  are the photograph opportunities. The Devil wanders the gift shop located at Hell Rd, West Bay, Cayman Islands, near George Town, not far from the Cayman Turtle Centre.

The gift shop in Hell website tells you all need to know about going to Hell. “No visit to the Cayman Islands is complete without a visit to Hell! The rocks are called “Ironshore”, and are found in many locations on Grand Cayman. The amazing and spectacular forms of ironshore found in Hell are unique in their size and location. ”

More specifically the rocks are, according to  Wikipedia, “Phytokarst is a distinctive landform resulting from a curious type of biologic erosion. Filamentous algae bore their way into limestone to produce black-coated, jagged pinnacles marked by delicate, lacy dissection that lacks any gravitational orientation. Ordinary rainfall-produced karst and littoral karst are characterized by flat-bottomed pans and vertically oriented flutes, thus differing from phytokarst. Algae attack by dissolving calcite preferentially to dolomite.”

Just do not try to get your rocks off in Hell, it is strictly prohibited to remove rocks from Hell, so others can rock on in Hell.  Instead, you might want to go to church to pray to God.  Get photographed and tell your friends and family you went to church in Hell.

Hell has a church, gas station, post office and a gift shop.  The gift shop, Hell’s Gifts & Souvenirs is located about 100 yards past the Hell Gas Station.

The gift shop in Hell sells postcards, collector spoons, shot glasses, tea towels, iron-on patches, ceramic mugs,  bumper stickers, souvenir license plates, posters, maps, black coral,  gold jewelry and treasure coins.

If you find yourself with the thirst fom hell, at Hell’s Gifts & Souvenirs  you will also find  Caribbean spiced coffees, soft drinks, juices, iced tea and bottled ice water.  Hot as hell is the Hell Sauce®, which is made with Scotch Bonnet hot peppers in a “sumptuous and tasty tomato base”.

The hottest spot in Hell is Club Inferno also known as West Bay Hell Bar & Lounge Club.  Oh,  hell yes! Hell has the hottest Happy Hours in Grand Cayman. on Tuesdays.

But, wait there is more. While in Hell, you can also get a degree at the University of Hell in just about any “science” or “discipline” you desire and if you don’t get one while you are there, they take orders on the web and will ship one to you.

How do you get to Hell? When it is hotter than hell this summer from June to August, you can cruise to hell aboard Carnival Dream, Carnival Paradise, Disney Fantasy, Liberty of the Seas or MSC Divina. You can track your cruise to Hell and back, with our Live Cruise Ship Tracker

Video: Go to Hell

SS Morro Castle Fire Monument

On the Asbury Park boardwalk located at 1300 Ocean Ave, Asbury Park, New Jersey, visitors will find the SS Morro Castle Monument. The monument is located less than an hour from Cape Liberty Cruise Port at Bayonne, New Jersey cruise ship terminal and the Manhattan Cruise Ship Terminal across the Hudson, River in New York.

Anthem of the Seas calls Cape Liberty her home port. Christened on April 20, 2015, the massive cruise ship has a capacity of 4,905 passengers. Those passengers leaving and returning from a Caribbean cruise, sail right past the monument for the SS Morro Castle fire as they pass Asbury Park, New Jersey.

The SS Morro Castle Fire on September 8, 1934 resulted in the deaths of 135 Passengers and Crew. The cruise ship, huge for her time, had 480 passengers and 240 crew aboard, when the cruise ship caught fire.

At around 2:50 a.m. on September 8, while the SS Morro Castle was sailing around eight nautical miles off Long Beach Island, New York, a fire was detected in a storage locker within the First Class Writing Room on B Deck, which quickly spread within minutes.

Captain Warms attempted to beach the ship, but the growing need to launch lifeboats and abandon ship forced him to give up this strategy. Within 20 minutes of the fire’s discovery (at approximately 3:10), the fire burned through the ship’s main electrical cables, plunging the ship into darkness. As all power was lost, the radio stopped working as well. The crew only got off one SOS call before the radio was silent. Read more on Cruise Ship Fires

Video: SS Morro Castle Fire

Cruise Ship Norwegian Joy Float Out Papenburg Germany

Launched by Norwegian Cruise Lines on  March 4, 2017, Norwegian Joy has 20 Decks, 3,900 passenger capacity with a crew of 1,700 and the cruise ship will fly the flag of the Bahamas, though it will be home ported in Shanghai and Tianjin (Beijing), China.”

Norwegian Cruise Lines says on their webite, “China Summer of 2017, Norwegian Joy will be the fleet’s most innovative ship to date. Styled exclusively for Chinese travelers, guests can expect an upscale resort style vacation with world-class entertainment, fine international dining, unrivaled duty-free luxury shopping with the freedom and flexibility found on all Norwegian Cruise Line ships.”

Norwegian Joy has a park, two-level racetrack,  a water park, Galaxy Pavilion which has simulator rides and interactive video walls and an upscale shopping district with everything from exceptional duty-free shops to world-renowned global luxury brands.

Video: Norwegian Joy float out

2017-2018 Update Free Cruise Schedules Cruise Calendars Cruise Timetables 3.0

Our 2017 – 2018 cruise schedules are being updated at this time. As always, the cruise line schedules will be found on, each cruise ship schedule will be found on and each port schedule will be found on

As before, each ship schedule will link to our cruise ship tracker for that ship and we will be archiving the schedules to provide a desperately needed resource for free cruise schedules.

See list of the cruise schedules including 52 cruise lines and 415 cruise ships we are adding

Cruise Ship Shaped Mall Highlights Amazing Cruise Port Experience

The ultimate cruise junkie port of call will take you to Whampoa Garden. Whampoa Garden is the largest private housing estate located in Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong. It was built on the site of the former Whampoa Dockyards by Hutchison Whampoa Property and is the location of a huge cruise ship shaped shopping mall, Wonderful Worlds of Whampoa.

Wonderful Worlds of Whampoa shopping mall has over 1.4 million square feet of shopping space, including 300 shops. It is one of the largest shopping, dining and entertainment centers in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

There is also a promenade along sea side, from Laguna Verde to Hunghom Pier. It is also linked to the Avenue of Stars. Residents can walk from Hunghom Pier to Tsim Sha Tsui Pier in about 40 minutes. with an amazing view of Victoria Harbour.

With the streamlined cruise ship as the landmark, Wonderful Worlds of Whampoa comprises a unique combination of themed worlds, including Whampoa Gourmet Place, Fashion World, Treasure World, Home World, Amazing World and Pebbles World.

Kai Tak Cruise Terminal is huge and located 8.8 kilometers (5.5miles) from Whampoa Garden making it an easy trip during your day in port at Kowloon. Some cruise lines offer free ferry connections or free shuttle buses to tour the city. Because they are free, the wait to board the buses can take a long time, perhaps an hour or more, cutting down the time you have to explore.

Another option is the long line of taxis at Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, which you can quickly grab if there is no line of waiting passengers and be on your way. Taxi prices are flat rate and fixed by the government, so there is no haggling or price gouging.

While at the terminal, do make your way to the rooftop garden for an incredible view of the city and a great photograph opportunity.

You can get to Hong Kong by cruise ship via AIDAbella, Amsterdam, Celebrity Constellation, Celebrity Millennium, Costa Victoria, Diamond Princess, Golden Princess, MSC Lirica, MS Europa 2, Oceania Nautica, Ovation of the Seas, Queen Mary 2, Regent Seven Seas Voyager, Sapphire Princess, Seabourn Sojourn, Silver Shadow, Superstar Virgo or Volendam. Track these cruise ships calling at Kai Tak Cruise Terminal  in our Asia Cruise Ship Tracker

Video: Drone video of Whampoa Garden


Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri Signs $1.5 billion Carnival Corp Deal

Carnival Corp signed a ship building deal with Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri  for two cruise ships designed specifically for the tastes of the Chinese travelers and will sail in the China market.

The agreement to build the cruise ships, the first cruise ships to be built in China for the domestic market, comes five months after the companies signed a non-binding deal.

Carnival’s Chinese joint venture will operate the ships and the agreement also includes an option to build four more cruise ships.

The two new cruise ships are set to be delivered six years from now,  in 2023.

China is going to become the world’s second largest cruise market by 2030. The Chinese cruise market is expected to expand another 3.5 million cruise ship passengers by 2020 from the current one million cruise ship passengers now.

The companies signed the deal in a ceremony attended by Chinese President Xi Jinping and Italian President Sergio Mattarella in Beijing.

The signing ceremony was attended by Carnival Asia Chief Executive Michael Thamm, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Italian President Sergio Mattarella in Beijing.

Cruise Bruise the Book Untold Stories

Ten years ago today, Cruise Bruise was launched and much has happened, much more than you read on the website. In celebration of the Cruise Bruise Ten Year Anniversary, the untold story is being written in a new book.

Ten years ago today, Cruise Bruise was launched with less than two dozen cases. At the time, I thought it was a lot. Then, the investigations began and cases started piling up on my desk. People began bringing my attention to other cases, current and past. Over the years, there was a never ending stream of people who called themselves “cruise victims”. I admit, with my own history of being a victim, it was easy to almost always take their story at face value. Then, do a basic investigation in order to substantiate their claim. Really deep investigations into cases didn’t come until years later and were certainly an eye-opener.

Associations were created with nothing more than trust. Over the years, that trust was betrayed, time and time again, with the truth about people, their motives and secret agendas rising to the surface. The truth is this. The media and online publications such as mine, are targets for greedy people who seek to use a story for financial gain. These people, who go to any length to get media attention, we call media whores. They sell their souls for a few moments, few days or few months of fame, mostly seeking their fortune at other’s expense. So, I began walking away from previous bonds, becoming reliant on my own ability to research facts, before deciding if a case would be featured on Cruise Bruise. This is a video promotion from our early days.

Read more on Cruise Bruise


Cruise Ship Damages Cayman Islands Coral Reef

Pullmantur Cruise’s Zenith while legal, properly anchored in George Town, Cayman Islands damages coral reef with anchor after weather pushed the cruise ship from the anchorage.

Watersports such as scuba diving and snorkeling are among the most popular activities on Grand Cayman as the island is known for its coral reefs and underwater sea walls along with a number of shipwrecks.

As well, Grand Cayman Island also has a number of natural attractions: the blow holes in the East End district, the Mastic Trail that runs north to south through the center of the island, Hell in the West Bay, and the acclaimed Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, to name a few.

Cruise ships drop anchor off of George Town, on the west side of Grand Cayman, and then tender into port.  All major cruise line call at the Cayman Islands including AIDA Cruises, Carnival Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruise, Costa Cruises, Disney Cruise Line, MSC Cruises, Princess Cruises, Pullmantur Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and others.

The diving and snorkeling excursions are very popular with cruise ship passengers.

See our Caribbean Cruise Ship Tracker

Cruise Bruise Changes To Mobile Friendly Design

Please excuse our dust as #CruiseBruise changes colors, new mobile-friendly version, joining our Live Cruise Ship Tracker, Cruise Ship Missing, Cruise Ship Complaints, Cruise Ship Cameras, Cruise Port Views and Cruise Laws. Changes to this Cruise Bruise blog we be launched in February 2017.

April 17, 2015 – Mobile-friendly
We began to developing a new website design, which is friendly to all screen resolutions, including tablets and mobile phones.

As the websites are converted, the color change signifies the new mobile-friendly template. The blue and green template is the 2012-2014 version. The blue only template is the version friendly for all devices.

In truth, if you remove each case where:

  • an employee injured another person or ship full of people, violating their terms of contract,
  • children who were injured during a lack of parental supervision,
  • people who became ill during an event which was unrelated to ship services,
  • had pre-existing conditions which worsened during a cruise resulting in death,
  • people who were victims of a crime committed by someone they were in a relationship with,
  • people who failed to exercise due diligence and caution while in dangerous areas on the ship,
  • people who didn’t adhere to internationally accepted personal safety standards, whether incidents involved alcohol or not, what remains wouldn’t be enough to launch a single cruise industry awareness website.

Information and truth are powerful weapons, Cruise Bruise will continue to seek the truth and report it using the Freedom Of Information Act. Our new agenda is to follow truth, no matter where it leads us. An example of change in agenda is our, free of charge, rapidly increasing collection of unedited cruise industry lawsuits, which paint a much clearer picture of events taking place at sea.

While we will not post each cruise industry case or documents from every case, cases we post will be official court documents comprising complaints filed against the cruise industry or cases where a cruise line was involved in a non-maritime law legal action. We will be operating under the assumption our visitors share an intellectual demographic profile which renders them capable of reading the court documents and coming to their own conclusion of who the real victim is, if there is one, in each case.


Cuba Cruise Ship Travel Medical Costs

Cruise Bruise: The hidden cruise ship # travel medical cost of #cruise ship travel to Cuba has secret benefits for cruise ship passengers and crew members.

Medical issues while traveling are a primary concern for cruise ship passengers, cruise crew members and the cruise lines traveling the high seas. As cruise lines and ferries begin to prepare for transporting people to Cuba by sea in record numbers, the issue of health care in Cuba needs to take front stage.

What people may know about Cuba and their health care in modern times, was mostly learned from news articles after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, Louisiana in 2005. Cuba was one of the first countries in the world to offer aid to the United States with the offer to send 1,586 doctors and 26 tons of medicine. The United States declined the offer.

How could Cuba offer to send so many doctors to the United States? According to Wikipedia, in 2005, Cuba had 627 physicians and 94 dentists per 100,000 population. To put the number into perspective, that year the United States had 225 physicians and 54 dentists per 100,000 population.Read more on Cruise Bruise

For more information visit Cruise Ships to Cuba to learn more about the 12 cruise ship ports in Cuba. Use Cuba Cruise Ship Tracker for real time ship tracking in Cuba and the Eastern Caribbean.

Cruise Ships To Cuba is adding ports and a Cuba Cruise Ship Tracker

#Cruise Ships To Cuba now a growing list of five cruise lines sailing to  12 cruise ship ports in #Cuba.

With more #cruise ships heading to port in Cuba, tracking cruise ships in Cuba just got much easier.  Cuba Cruise Ship Tracker.

Browse our website for a photo tour of the most popular cruise ship ports including, Havana, Cuba, Cienfuegos, Cuba and Maria La Gorda, Cuba Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. Varadero, Cuba, Trinidad, Cuba, Coco Cayo, Cuba, Matanzas, Cuba,  Baracoa, Cuba, Naviera, Cuba, Guardalavaca, Cuba.

American Travel To Cuba – The 12 Licenses
General licenses will be made available for all authorized travelers in 12 existing categories:
1. Family visits
2. Official U.S. government, foreign governments, and certain intergovernmental organizations
3. Journalistic activity
4. Professional research and professional meetings
5. Educational activities
6. Religious activities
7. Public performances, clinics, workshops, athletic and other competitions, and exhibitions
8. Support for the Cuban people
9. Humanitarian projects
10. Activities of private foundations, research, or educational institutions
11. Exportation, importation, or transmission of information or information materials
12. Certain export transactions that may be considered for authorization under existing regulations and guidelines.

Cuba Cruise People to People Program
Under #5 above: register for the People to People Cuba Cruise program with U.S. non-profit organization Fund for Reconciliation and Development (FRD) Fund for Reconciliation and Development, 37 Mallard Rise, Irvington, NY  10533. It requires making a tax deductible affiliation contribution of $75 to the Fund for Reconciliation and Development. ( You must apply for and get your registration letter no less than one week before your trip. Plan ahead.

Read more about cruising to Cuba

Washington State Ferry Reservations Memorial Weekend

WSF reservations for ferry travel from the state of Washington is highly advised for the Memorial Day weekend.

Where can I travel with a reservation?

San Juan Islands
From Anacortes (westbound)
• Lopez Island
• Shaw Island
• Orcas Island
• San Juan Island (Friday Harbor)

To Anacortes (eastbound*)
• Friday Harbor
• Orcas Island
*We are unable to take reservations for interisland travel, or travel from Lopez or Shaw islands to Anacortes.

Sidney, BC
To/From Anacortes or Friday Harbor
(operating spring, summer, and fall schedule only)

Port Townsend/Coupeville