Cruise Ship MS Caledonia Sky Coral Reef Grounding

According to Hugo Mattson, who is a media producer at Hugo Mattson Media, on March 4, 2017, around 2:00 pm Indonesian time, the cruise ship MS Caledonia Sky grounded on a coral reef and got stuck.

Noble Caledonia cruise line has three small cruise shipsThe MS Caledonian Sky and her sister cruise ships  MS Island Sky and MS Hebridean Sky sail on  all-inclusive cruises which include excursions, meals, drinks and tipping in the price of the cruise.

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Cruise Ship Grounding Ends Passengers Cruise

Windstar Cruises  Star Pride grounding near Panama damages hull of the cruise ship, ending cruise for passengers.

On December 22, 2015 Windstar Cruises reported on their Facebook page that Star Pride had grounded near Isla de Coiba, Panama and the cruise ship could not sail with approximately 200 passengers and a crew of approximately 160 aboard.

The Facebook posting said, “at approximately 6:15 am CST, Windstar Cruises, Star Pride, experienced a grounding while coming into anchor at Isla de Coiba, Panama. All guests and crew are safe. Guests were disembarked as scheduled for the day’s private island event. Windstar’s technical team inspected the ship and identified some areas of the hull that are damaged, making the ship unable to sail.

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Cruise Bruise the Book Untold Stories

Ten years ago today, Cruise Bruise was launched and much has happened, much more than you read on the website. In celebration of the Cruise Bruise Ten Year Anniversary, the untold story is being written in a new book.

Ten years ago today, Cruise Bruise was launched with less than two dozen cases. At the time, I thought it was a lot. Then, the investigations began and cases started piling up on my desk. People began bringing my attention to other cases, current and past. Over the years, there was a never ending stream of people who called themselves “cruise victims”. I admit, with my own history of being a victim, it was easy to almost always take their story at face value. Then, do a basic investigation in order to substantiate their claim. Really deep investigations into cases didn’t come until years later and were certainly an eye-opener.

Associations were created with nothing more than trust. Over the years, that trust was betrayed, time and time again, with the truth about people, their motives and secret agendas rising to the surface. The truth is this. The media and online publications such as mine, are targets for greedy people who seek to use a story for financial gain. These people, who go to any length to get media attention, we call media whores. They sell their souls for a few moments, few days or few months of fame, mostly seeking their fortune at other’s expense. So, I began walking away from previous bonds, becoming reliant on my own ability to research facts, before deciding if a case would be featured on Cruise Bruise. This is a video promotion from our early days.

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Cruise Bruise Changes To Mobile Friendly Design

Please excuse our dust as #CruiseBruise changes colors, new mobile-friendly version, joining our Live Cruise Ship Tracker, Cruise Ship Missing, Cruise Ship Complaints, Cruise Ship Cameras, Cruise Port Views and Cruise Laws. Changes to this Cruise Bruise blog we be launched in February 2017.

April 17, 2015 – Mobile-friendly
We began to developing a new website design, which is friendly to all screen resolutions, including tablets and mobile phones.

As the websites are converted, the color change signifies the new mobile-friendly template. The blue and green template is the 2012-2014 version. The blue only template is the version friendly for all devices.

In truth, if you remove each case where:

  • an employee injured another person or ship full of people, violating their terms of contract,
  • children who were injured during a lack of parental supervision,
  • people who became ill during an event which was unrelated to ship services,
  • had pre-existing conditions which worsened during a cruise resulting in death,
  • people who were victims of a crime committed by someone they were in a relationship with,
  • people who failed to exercise due diligence and caution while in dangerous areas on the ship,
  • people who didn’t adhere to internationally accepted personal safety standards, whether incidents involved alcohol or not, what remains wouldn’t be enough to launch a single cruise industry awareness website.

Information and truth are powerful weapons, Cruise Bruise will continue to seek the truth and report it using the Freedom Of Information Act. Our new agenda is to follow truth, no matter where it leads us. An example of change in agenda is our, free of charge, rapidly increasing collection of unedited cruise industry lawsuits, which paint a much clearer picture of events taking place at sea.

While we will not post each cruise industry case or documents from every case, cases we post will be official court documents comprising complaints filed against the cruise industry or cases where a cruise line was involved in a non-maritime law legal action. We will be operating under the assumption our visitors share an intellectual demographic profile which renders them capable of reading the court documents and coming to their own conclusion of who the real victim is, if there is one, in each case.


Cruise Bruise Investigates – Black and Blue Report

Back by popular demand the Cruise Bruise Black and Blue Report, cruise industry investigations now include cruise lines bruised as well as crew and passengers. Lawsuits, deaths, suicides, drunks, dopers, brawls, arrests, fraud and more

Portland Spirit Collision During Red Bull Event

Portland boater congestion during  Red Bull event lead to cruise ship collision, USCG terminates event permit.

Portland Spirit Cruises & Events Ship Portland Spirit Collided with Boaters of the Redbull Flugtag Event on the Willamette River at Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Portland Oregon.

Saturday, August 1, 2015, cruise ship Portland Spirit was involved in a collision with boaters at the Red Bull Flugtag event at Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Portland Oregon. Live Portland Oregon Cruise Ship Tracker

Around 1500 hours the United States Coast Guard (USCG) was contacted by the captain of Portland Spirit regarding an incident. The USCG said that they received notification from the Portland Spirit indicating the vessel was unable to pass through the congested river because of small boat traffic from the Redbull Flugtag event. See video for event highlights.

A collision resulted when Portland Spirit coasted into boaters with a “transfer of paint” resulting. Reports say boaters were able to push the Portland Spirit away from their boat using their hands and feet. You can can see in the photographs above, the river was very congested and a woman bend over the hull pushing Portland Spirit with her hands.

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Stena Jutlandica Collision 530 Passengers Aboard

Stena Jutlantica collides with tanker entering Gothenburg, Sweden. Port and ship photos with live tracker.

Stena Line Ferry Stena Jutlandica Collision With Tanker Ternvind in Gothensburg Sweden

On Sunday July 19, 2015, Stena LIne’s ferry Stena Jutlandica which sails between sailing between Frederikshavn, Denmark and Gothenburg, Sweden was hit by the tanker Ternvind, as they were entering the harbor at Gothenburg, Sweden around 0230 in the morning.

Stena Jutlandica had about 530 passengers aboard when she collided with a Danish-flagged tanker Ternvind which had a crew of 13 aboard near Gothenburg. Reports state that no Tanker Ternvind crew were injured during the collision and no passengers from Stena Jutlandica were injured as well.

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Eastern Star cruise ship sinks during storm with over 450 aboard

Cruise Ship Sinking: Eastern Star #cruise ship sinks during storm with over 450 aboard. Rescue underway.

On Monday, June 1, 2015, around 9:38 pm, Chongqing Eastern Shipping Corporation’s Eastern Star sinks during a Cyclone on the Yangtze River in China, about 110 miles west of the Hubei provincial capital of Wuhan.

There were 456 people aboard, when the cruise ship was hit by reported 80 mph winds, listed an estimated 45 degrees, then flipped over.

The area had received about six inches of rain in the prior 24 hours with winds reaching 80 mph during the storm. Meteorologist from China said that a tornado flipped the cruise ship. The tornado, rated an EF-1 with wind speeds of 86-100 mph when it struck Eastern Star, was about a half-mile wide and lasted for about 15 to 20 minutes. The Eastern Star cruise ship known as MV Dong Fang Zhi Xing in China, 251 feet long and 36 feet wide, was carrying 405 passengers, 5 travel tour agents and a crew of 46 during a, 11-day, 930 mile cruise ship voyage from Nanjing to Chongqing, China.

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Norwegian Dawn Free After Grounding

Rising tide helped Norwegian Dawn free from grounding in Bermuda. Now awaiting inspection before return to Boston.

Norwegian Cruise Line, Norwegian Dawn Grounding In Bermuda With 2,675 Passengers and 1,062 Crew Members Aboard.

On May 19, 2015, Norwegian Cruise Line cruise ship Norwegian Dawn grounded while the cruise ship was in Bermuda when the cruise ship lost power and drifted into shallow water.

Norwegian Dawn had with 2,675 passengers and 1,062 crew members aboard when she left the Port Of Boston for the cruise to Bermuda, where the cruise ship grounded with 3,737 people aboard.

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How Safe Are Cruise Ships?

SAFE!  NTSB report shows 0.00055% of transportation deaths are on passenger ships and 2.9% of marine deaths are on #passenger ships.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is an independent Federal agency charged by Congress with determining the probable cause of transportation accidents, promoting transportation safety, and assisting victims of transportation accidents and their families.

The annual NTSB report on transportation related deaths compares modes of transportation related deaths within several categories, Highway, Rail, Aviation and Marine. The NTSB tallied 34,678 transportation related deaths within those categories as outlined below.

These numbers include cruise ship and passenger ship deaths during vessel accidents only, not all cruise ship deaths as we feature on Cruise Ship Deaths. The documented deaths as a result of passenger ship accidents equals only 0.00051% off all transportation related deaths, only 0.00055% of deaths on highways and only 2.9 % of all marine accident deaths.

Video: National Transportation Safety Board 2015 Most Wanted List

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Cruise Laws – FL Board Certified Maritime Lawyers

Not all #cruise lawyers are certified by the Florida Bar to say they specialize in Maritime Law.

Florida Maritime Lawyers

Florida Bar Maritime Lawyers Florida Bar Board Certified Admiralty and Maritime Lawyers

While all lawyers are allowed to advertise, only certified attorneys are allowed to identify themselves as “Florida Bar Board Certified” or as a “specialist.” Certification is the highest level of recognition by The Florida Bar of the competency and experience of attorneys in the areas of law approved for certification by the Supreme Court of Florida.

A lawyer who is a member in good standing of The Florida Bar and who meets the standards prescribed by the state’s Supreme Court, may become a “Board Certified Admiralty and Maritime Lawyer.”

See the list of lawyers certified in Maritime Law.

Three Terrorist Attacks At Sea

Mediterranean terrorist attacks on #cruise ships,  Greece,  Egypt, one in Asia, killed 128.  The Mediterranean is an  easy terrorist target for cruise ships, as history shows.

WG&A Superferry 14 February 27, 2004

Deadliest Terrorist Attack At Sea, Terrorists Bomb Destroys Ship, 116 Dead. The passenger ship Superferry 14 owned by WG&A was destroyed by a terrorist’s bomb on February 7, 2004 near Manilla killing 116 people. It was the Philippines’ worst terrorist attack, the world’s deadliest terrorist attack at sea. Read More

City of Poros on July 12, 1988

On July 12, 1988, Merchant Marine Minister Evangelos Yiannopoulos said the Cycladic Cruises’ cruise ship, City of Poros, carrying 400 passengers and 71 crew members aboard, was stormed by Palestinian gunmen, who killed nine tourists. Two more later died from their injuries, for a total number of 11 dead.

The passenger ship was returning from a daily island cruise in the Aegean Sea. Three gunmen had boarded City Of Poros along with other passengers at Aegina, Greece. They waiting on the ship until it was several miles from shore and then attacked around 8:30 pm that evening. Read More

Achille Lauro on October 7, 1985

Leon Klinghoffer, 69, from New Jersey, born September 24, 1916, was on a cruise aboard Star Lauro’s Achille Lauro on October 7, 1985 with his wife Marilyn when the vessel was seized by terrorists at sea near Egypt. The terrorists took control of the cruise ship in the Mediterranean off Egypt as it was sailing from Alexandria to Port Said, Egypt.

Hijackers, four armed Palestinian terrorists boarded the vessel and took the ship passengers and crew as hostages. The operation was mastermind by Mohammed Abul Abbas.

The next day, Tuesday, October 8, when the terrorists were refused permission to dock at Tartus, the hijackers shot disabled cruise ship passenger Leon Klinghoffer, in the forehead and the chest. Leon was wheelchair bound, Read More

Video: Superferry 14 terror attack

Cruise Laws Mobile Updated

Cruise Laws is now mobile-friendly. Read about #cruise laws, cruise regulations,  cruise lawsuits cruise arbitration, rules on  lawyer fees and  lawyers disciplined.

GUILTY! Costa Concordia Captain Convicted

Costa Concordia Captain Francesco Schettino has been convicted for numerous charges and sentenced in an Italian court. Schettino wasn’t present to hear .

Case History

The cruise ship Costa Concordia nightmare took place off the coast of Italy near Giglio on Friday the 13th of January, 2012 around 2100 hours. The latest cruise ship sinking is the most recent dramatic grounding incident after the cruise ship Sea Diamond sank off the coast of Greece on April 5, 2007, killing two French passengers. The official death count was 32 aboard Costa Concordia, one from a heart attack after jumping into the icy cold waters. On Saturday, dozens were still unaccounted for.

The massive Costa Concordia struck rocks while sailing on a seven-day Mediterranean Cruise after sailing too close to the Italian coast with around 3,206 passengers and a crew of 1,023 aboard. Most of the passengers are reported to be from dozens of nations including thousands of Italians, several hundred Germans, a hundred and a half French, over 100 Americans, a couple dozen British, several dozen Ukrainians and a dozen Canadians.

Early photographs show the ship listing slightly a couple hundred meters off the coast, while later photographs show the ship completely on her side with jagged rocks jutting up all around her, an estimated 160-foot-rip in her hull.

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Cruise Ship Aground Gets Rescue

Cruise Ship Sinking:  MV Vacance #cruise ship runs aground on reef off the coast of Hongdo Island, South Korea with with 104 passengers and five crew aboard.

Hongdo Cruise Co MV Vacance cruise ship grounded, hit a submerged rock near Hongdo Island, South Jeolla Province in South Korea, approximately 210 miles southwest of Seoul, Korea with 104 passengers and five crew members aboard on Tuesday September 30, 2014 around 0900 hours.

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MV Versace Amara Sinks

#Cruise Ship Sinking: The  MV Versace Amara sinks Saturday, after puncturing hull on a reef just off a volcanic island. There were 20 passengers and five crew aboard.

Around 0100 hours on Saturday, August 16, 2014, the yacht MV Versace Amara sunk, off the coast of uninhabited volcanic island Sangeang in Indonesia.

MV Versace Amara was on a four-night cruise with 20 European passengers from the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Spain, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands, some who are reportedly students, the captain, three crew members and a guide aboard when the yacht sailing to various dive locations, struck a reef and sunk in the Flores Sea.

MV Versace Amara was on a cruise from from Lombok in the province of West Nusa Tenggara which is located in the western portion of the Lesser Sunda Islands and ending in Labuan Bajo, in East Nusa Tenggara.

The nearest town from the location of the MV Versace Amara is Bima on the island of Sumbawa. Survivors say the ship hit a reef, was stuck, then . . . read more

Tahoe Queen Grounding Over 300 Aboard

#Cruise Ship Sinking: The  Tahoe Queen grounded on a sandbar yesterday with 296 passengers and 14 crew aboard. Passengers evacuated by USCG.

Hornblower Cruises’ Tahoe Queen Near Thomas F Regan Beach S Lake Tahoe, California with nearly 300 passengers aboard

Hornblower Cruises’ Tahoe Queen ran aground at around 1530 hours on Monday, August 4, 2014, near the shore of Thomas F Regan Beach in South Lake Tahoe, California with nearly 300 passengers aboard.

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Cruise Legislation S1340 Piggy Backed To Force Approval


S.1340 Cruise Industry Legislation Excessive


The Cruise Passenger Protection Act S.1340 Improving Consumer Protections For Cruise Passengers Senate Hearing 113-488 From The U.S. Government Printing Office S. Hrg. 113-488

Cruise Ship Captain Suspended After Grounding


Cruise Ship Sinking:  Update – # cruise ship captain suspended after ill-fated Escapade cruise ship grounded off Georgia coast on her maiden voyage.

Maiden Voyage of Trade Winds Casino Cruise Ship Escapade Grounded on Sand Bar, 96 Passengers, 27 Crew two miles from Tybee Island, Georgia.

On Wednesday July 16, 2014 around 0:00 hours, the Trade Winds Casino cruise ship named Escapade was sailing on her maiden voyage when the cruise ship grounded on a sand bar about two miles from Tybee Island in Georgia with approximately 96 passengers and 27 crew members aboard.

The cruise ship embarked from Savannah, Georgia around 1900 hours and was to return just after midnight. Since the casino cruise ship was grounded less than two miles from shore, the passengers were not permitted to gamble, due to federal regulations requiring gambling beyond the three mile limit from shore. Passengers spent 16 hours aboard the hot, muggy cruise ship before being evacuated by the United States Coast Guard (USCG). Four passengers who were unable to make their way onto the rescue boat had be evacuated by helicopter.

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Video: Casino Cruise Ship Escapade Grounded


MV Pinak Sinks – Over 100 Passengers Dead

#Cruise Ship Sinking:  MV Pinak sunk with an estimated 250 ferry passengers aboard, only about 100 rescued, the other passengers are missing. Rescue slow.

MV Pinak Ferry Sinks Padma River Dhaka Bangladesh With Over 200 Passengers Aboard.

Around 1100 hours on Monday, August 4, 2014, the ferry MV Pinak sunk in the Padma River about 18 miles southwest of Dhaka, Bangladesh, with an estimated 250 passengers aboard.

Officials say only 110 passengers were rescued from the sunken, overloaded ferry.

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