Caribbean CDC Travel Alert Zika Virus Outbreaks

Medical facilities on cruise ships can vary widely depending on ship size, itinerary, length of cruise, and passenger demographics. Generally, shipboard medical clinics can provide medical care comparable to that of ambulatory care centers. Although no official agency regulates medical… Continue Reading

New Yorker Dies On Cruise Honeymoon

Cruise Bruise: A New York #cruise ship passenger has died during his Royal Princess Caribbean honeymoon cruise while on a snorkeling excursion. Martin Stephen Brutosky, 64, from New York was on a Princess Cruises’ Royal Princess cruise ship excursion with his newlywed wife Diane… Continue Reading

Cruise Bruise the Book Untold Stories

Ten years ago today, Cruise Bruise was launched and much has happened, much more than you read on the website. In celebration of the Cruise Bruise Ten Year Anniversary, the untold story is being written in a new book. Ten years… Continue Reading

Fake Doctor Working On Cruise Ship Arrested

When a man is  arrested for posing as a doctor after getting hired as the cruise ship physician, we learn how scammers infiltrate our world, in every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s a scam artist or just a person aspiring to… Continue Reading

Florida Drama Teacher Dies On Carnival Pride Cruise

Cruise Ship Deaths: A Florida high school drama teacher, Scarlett LaVite, 51, was the second teacher to die on a cruise this year, and the first of three to die on a Halloween 2015 cruise. Tuesday, November 3, 2015, Scarlett… Continue Reading